When you’re seeking a vacation filled with fun and adventure, choosing Chatham on Cape Cod for your vacation escape is the first of many excellent decisions you will make. Offering adventures around every corner, this getaway promises to be everything you dreamed it could be and so much more—especially when you stay in one of our New England Vacation Rentals Chatham properties, but we’ll get into that later! Right now, we want to show you the adventures you can have in just one day during your Chatham vacation.

After a Hearty Breakfast

Hopefully, you fueled up well at breakfast, because today is going to be a busy one! Your first adventure will be one that brings serenity to your soul: We’re going stand-up paddleboarding with equipment we’ve rented from Adventure Chatham, located on the Harwich/Chatham Border at 1150 Queen Anne Road in East Harwich. Offering paddleboards for rent and the opportunity to rent equipment for the day or the week (we recommend renting it for the entirety of your stay!), your morning on the waters of the Cape will allow you to explore the natural habitat of the creatures who live in the sea, as well as enjoy vistas of pure bliss. Spend a couple of hours on the water and then prepare for more adventures in Chatham.

Our next stop, after you take your paddleboard back to your rental property, is a visit to the Chatham Shark Center. Located at 235 Orleans Road in North Chatham, this wildlife museum will teach you everything you never knew you needed to know about the great white shark, the one creature we’ve all been terrified of since Jaws first came out in the 70s!

Let’s Go Shopping

After a morning spent enjoying watery adventures, the afternoon will be filled with a tamer sort of fun. Start out with a shopping trip for souvenirs and gifts! You planned ahead and packed light, so you’ll have plenty of room in your suitcases to bring back all the things you can’t live without! Chances are, even after a hearty lunch, you might be suffering from a deletion of energy, but we’ve thought of that—a trip to Chatham Candy Manor is the first item on our agenda this afternoon! Located at 484 Main Street and designed to make Mr. Wonka’s factory look like an amateur created it, the treats found here will sweeten your day! From there, we will head towards Ducks in the Window (507 Main Street), the Mayflower Shop (525 Main Street), and maybe even Chatham’s Children Shop (515 Main Street). As a matter of fact, how about we just turn you loose on Main and let you choose the spots that appeal to you?

Nighttime at the Beach During Your Chatham Vacation

Just because the moon has risen, it doesn’t mean your adventures have to end; a walk on the beach under the glow of a full moon is an adventure you may find yourself having every day of your stay! When you come home to your Chatham vacation home from New England Vacation Rentals, it will be the perfect end to another perfect day in paradise. Reserve your stay with us today!