Cape Cod is probably one of the most historically rich communities in all of the United States. It also features some of the most incredible natural beauty. These are just a few reasons that people love visiting here, but there are countless more interesting things about Cape Cod that many people do not know, even those that live here.

No County in the Country Has More Lighthouses than Cape Cod

Cape Cod offers an incredible amount of shoreline that features many of the oldest and most beautiful lighthouses in the country. Traveling the endless trails that crisscross the island, you can visit many of these amazing structures while enjoying a beautiful day on the Cape.

You Can Find the Tallest All-Granite Structure in the Country in Provincetown

Provincetown is on the northernmost tip of Cape Cod, and it is a place of amazing history. This is the spot where English settlers landed for the first time. The structure is called Pilgrim Monument and it was built in order to commemorate this event. This 252-foot tall monument is an incredible site to see in an incredible place. A visit to Provincetown is a great voway to spend a day on the Cape.

You Can Find the Best Potato Chips in the Country on the Cape

If you love potato chips (who doesn’t?), you will find yourself in paradise on the Cape. In Hyannis, the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory makes the most delicious chips you have ever had. In an age where everything is automated and focused on production efficiency, this place is a breath of homemade, fresh air; everything is meticulously done by hand to ensure the most delicious potato chips ever! You can even tour their factory!

Cape Cod is Home to One of the Most Beautiful and Longest Historic Districts in the Country

The Old King’s Highway, or Route 6A, stretches 39 miles along the Cape and features this amazing historic district. Throughout the span of Route 6A, you will encounter architecture from four different centuries. A two-mile stretch through Yarmouth Port does not feature a single building that was built in the last 100 years. Among the eclectic buildings, you will find bed and breakfasts, shops, galleries, dining, and much more.

You Can Find One of Few Forests Unaltered by Man

It is hard to find natural landscapes that have been untouched by the developments of our cities and communities. That is why it is so amazing that you can find one in this very populated Cape. The Lowell Holly Reservation in Mashpee is made up of 135-acres of forest that have not been altered within the last 200 years at least. This is an amazing place to visit for all the lovers of nature out there.

There is a little something for everyone on Cape Cod. That may be why it has been such a loved vacation destination for so long. Explore more incredible features of the Cape by making your next vacation here! We offer a vast selection of properties, including homes and villas on Cape Cod.