As much as we love to travel, for us, the worst part about every vacation is packing. Trying to plan ahead for every happenstance and packing accordingly means we cross our fingers and toes when it comes time to weigh our bags at airport check-in. But when you choose New England Vacation Rentals for your rental needs, you, dear guest, have the advantage: This guide to Cape Cod travel tips isn’t shared with just everyone, you know! We want our guests to enjoy every minute of their Cape Cod getaway, and that includes the pre-vacation moments of packing and travel!

Get the Perfect Rental

Washers and Dryers Included

You probably noticed on the listing that most New England Vacation Rentals getaways include a laundry room, or at the very least a washer and dryer, but did you really consider why this is so important? Even though no one enjoys chores on vacation, easy access to laundry facilities allows guests to pack the bare necessities, leaving room for all those fabulous souvenirs and gifts you find during your Cape Cod explorations!

Spend Most of Your Time at the Beach

The beaches on Cape Cod are designed to be enjoyed, and if you spend a lot of time there, you can pretty much live in your bathing suit. Everyone knows that swimsuits don’t require a lot of packing space! A sweatshirt at night may be required, but if you wear that on the plane and use it as a pillow, you’ve solved another packing issue; no need to carry around one of those bulky and unsightly neck pillows! This tip works for heavier coats as well when visiting during the cooler months; nights on Cape Cod can get more than a little chilly, and a coat may be necessary!

Purchase an eBook

As much as we love the feel of a real book, the eBooks that are popular these days offer a way to slim down your packing needs. Offering the chance to load your favorite magazines, keep up with your social network sites, and read as many books as you can without adding more than a few ounces of weight and even less bulk to your luggage, these compact devices can be a traveler’s best friend.

Check Out an Area Guide!

Start Preparing Now

As the vacation season begins to race into view, choosing New England Vacation Rentals for your rental needs is our favorite tip. We can’t wait to see you on Cape Cod in the spring. Reserve your beachfront hideaway today and happy packing!