Cape Cod is a captivating vacation destination and within its parameters, Eastham finds its place in the sun nestled into the heart of Barnstable county. Known and loved by travelers from near and far for its scenic coastal beauty, enchanting lighthouses and savory seafood stops, Eastham is a place where it’s simple to balance out moments of tranquility with options for fun. Its vast appeal makes it a wonderful destination for those interested in trying their hand at the vacation rental business. If you’re interested in purchasing a property to rent to guests or are considering turning your Eastham home into a vacation rental, the Mass property management team at New England Vacation Rentals is your premier partner for success.

Partner with the Best for Success

At New England Vacation Rentals, we employ a team of professionals who are passionate about the area we serve and are committed to helping local homeowners turning their properties into thriving vacation rental businesses. Our approach to vacation rental property management is personal and our team is unwaveringly committed to the customers we serve, homeowners we partner with and the one of a kind Eastham properties we represent. We love the Cape and find great joy in helping homeowners get their properties into the spotlight they deserve on the rental market. From day one, the homeowners we work with will feel like they’re part of the family whether they’ve tried their hand in the industry or are stepping into it all for the first time. Our Mass property management team has insider knowledge on how to attract clients and how to give your home a boost up in the market. When we team up, homeowners quickly find that they’re learning as much as they’re profiting! While we bring extensive industry knowledge into our approach to property management, we also believe that success should be a learning experience as well as a celebration. Those homeowners that choose to partner with us that are new to the industry will be privy to a wealth of knowledge and insider information that helps them make amazing decisions with our team going forward. For those more experienced vacation rental homeowners hoping to increase their revenue and success in the marketplace, our team is here to help elevate the experience from start to finish!

Efficient and Comprehensive Management Services

It’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed when you try to rent out a vacation home alone. Between the upkeep, marketing efforts, fluctuating rates, maintenance, and customer service needs, it’s not uncommon for those new to vacation rentals to find themselves floored by the details. Eastham homeowners looking to take their business efforts to the next level will find partnering with New England Vacation Rentals to be a seamless and stress-free experience. We’re here to handle details every step of the way and bring our vast system of market connections into the mix—giving your property the visibility platform it deserves. Here are a few, great winter tips on how to maintain your Cape Cod property during the cold season.

We work with vacation rental homeowners that span the spectrum of experience and are just as excited to work with those new to the industry as those who have long been trying to elevate their property within the marketplace. No matter what your experience may be, our team has the knowledge, expertise, and commitment to excellence that’s sure to make a partnership long-lasting and effective. We believe that every success should be celebrated and every challenge can be overcome. No matter what your property goals may be, we’re here to help make it happen.

How the Process Works with Mass Property Management

It all begins with an evaluation of your property that gives our team a chance to assess the potential fixes, upgrades, and aesthetic details that might make all the difference in attracting year-round clients.  Many vacation rental property homeowners get caught up in the details of the interior, but our team takes a decidedly comprehensive approach to evaluation and looks at both those exterior features and interior design details that could make a difference when it comes to reaching a wider audience of potential guests. Once the necessary recommendations have been advised on, and the appropriate changes made to the home, it’s time to capture your property’s best side on camera. Our team specializes in home staging efforts in order to make sure your professional marketing photos are superior in every way and perfectly aligned or online purposes.

From here, we can work on incorporating your property into our world-class marketing campaigns as we adjust rental prices to fair, yet competitive levels. Homeowners who partner with our Mass property management team can enjoy the stress-free experience of not having to dedicate time to searching for and integrating their property into the proper marketing channels all on their own. We work with well-established platforms that immediately give your property the visibility online that it deserves. When it comes to customer service needs, we’ve got that handled too. We provide 24/7 online booking options as well as thorough guest screenings and an efficient process for collecting deposits and payment. During a guest stay, we offer maintenance when unexpected issues arise. Our team has long understood that the key to return business is an amazing and seamless stay. We’re here to make sure your guests always received superior customer service, no matter how long they plan on staying.

Helping You Enjoy the Journey

Whether we’re helping our homeowners file end of year income reports or are creating comprehensive home guidelines and policies for guests on their way for a stay, our team is here to make sure our homeowners enjoy the journey and experience the thrill of profitable results. Contact us today to learn more about our Mass property management services! Learn more about our VRBO property management and our Airbnb property management!