Situated in the heart of Barnstable county, Brewster is a gem of the Massachusetts coastline that beckons to travelers from near and far year after year. Whether they come to enjoy the water, sand, or sensational seafood options, it’s a destination that calls to visitors of all interests and is also an amazing place to begin investing in the vacation rental business. Whether you’re a current homeowner or looking to purchase a property to rent out, having a Massachusetts property management team on your side that knows the area and field is key to success. When you can’t wait to take part in this exciting real estate endeavor, be sure to partner with the professionals at New England Vacation Rentals.

A Massachusetts Property Management Team That’s Invested in Your Success

Our team brings local knowledge and a passion for the places we serve into each vacation rental opportunity and are here to help homeowners find their thriving place in the market, which makes us one of the best property management companies in Massachusetts. The homeowners we work with will find that our team makes you a part of the New England Vacation Rental family and is invested in seeing you succeed every step of the way. Our comprehensive approach to vacation rentals paired with unsurpassed area knowledge lets us create a customized experience for your guests in a home that we know means a lot to you.

Whether you’re new to vacation rentals or are looking to elevate your property’s potential, our team is happy to help make the process seamless, educational, and enjoyable from start to finish. We believe that every success is worth celebrating and there’s no property hurdle too large to overcome. Together, we work with our homeowners to make managing their property not only a straightforward experience, but one that provides inspiration and financial rewards for years to come!

Property Management Provided Services

Setting up your vacation rental for success begins with the details and our team is dedicated to attending to each and every one. If there are a lot of things you need to prep for the winter season, here are a few winter tips for maintaining your property. The process for all of the homeowners we work with begins with a full property evaluation before a home ever hits the market. While it’s easy to get caught up in the interior details of a home’s aesthetic, we have long understood that reaching the largest number of quality clients begins with an unwavering commitment to both the exterior and interior of a home. Once we’ve done our evaluation and the recommended changes have been implemented, it’s time to put your property’s best face forward. Our team takes the time to not only stage the properties we manage but capture a rental home’s best features on film—set up ideally for attracting clients through online platforms. Being a part of our program means enjoying the benefits of a full marketing effort across highly-visible platforms and taking part in pre-rental inspections, maintenance, and staging.

Many homeowners who are new to the vacation rental business are quickly overwhelmed by the time commitment required when jumping into the marketing process independently. Getting your property the visibility online it deserves begins with well-established relationships and access to major platforms. Those that choose to partner with our team won’t have to worry about seeking those services out but will enjoy seamless access that we’ve had in place for years! As an added benefit, our team is constantly on the lookout for innovative marketing routes and keeps a close pulse on market trends that might encourage changes homeowners wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. We help homeowners keep their rental rates competitive, yet accessible and provide a full list of customer service efforts before, during, and after guests arrive. Taking this proactive approach to rental pricing helps our homeowners enjoy more guest inquiries on their property during high travel seasons!

Not only do we, as one of the best property management companies in Massachusetts, take time to carefully screen potential renters, but we provide 24/7 online booking, collect deposits and payment, and follow up with guests in the event of questions, concerns, or unexpected maintenance issues. We’re happy to supply guests with rental policies and guideline documentation during their time in your property. At New England Vacation Rentals, our Massachusetts property management team has long been dedicated to providing superior customer services to those guests that rent the properties we represent. We understand that an amazing guest experience is key to repeat business and the homeowners we partner with can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their guests are having an exceptional Brewster stay.

Indulge in the Convenient Extras

Looking to maximize profit and minimize vacation rental ownership stress? Our team is here to handle everything, even down to the collection and remittance of the Short Term Rental Tax to the Commonwealth on your behalf. There’s no reason to spend time on details that the professionals can handle with confidence and ease. When you partner with us, you’ll find that you can enjoy the journey of owning your own vacation rental and will learn a lot along the way! Contact us today to get started on this amazing adventure and to learn more about our Massachusetts property management services. Learn more about our VRBO property management and our Airbnb property management!