Whether you have already entered your property into the vacation rentals property management industry or are still considering doing so, you should evaluate if your home has been prepared to reach the revenues you aspire to receive. As one of the best property management companies in the industry, we believe these are the factors that separate a mediocre vacation rental experience from an awesome one:

Honest Advertisements

There is nothing worst than purchasing a service with specific expectations and receiving an unfulfilling experience in return, the vacation rental industry is no different. Make sure that all pictures and listing descriptions are truthful and avoid being misleading.  While, this may seem like common sense, it is not the standard amongst many vacation rental owners, and in response, potential guests have become increasingly weary of purchasing a vacation rental that they are unsure will deliver the presented value.

De-Personalize Your Rental

It can be awkward for guests to stay in a vacation home that has clearly been occupied by someone else.  Imagine purchasing a 5-star hotel room only to find it filled with the personal effects of its last guests. Sound luxurious? I think not, and neither do your guests. This means there are some things you should remove before renting out your vacation property:

  • Family pictures
  • Personal effects: documents and folders
  • Clothes
  • Personal Toiletries

In addition, give guests spaces where they can put their own clothes, toiletries, and personal items.

Provide Activities

This can be anything as simple as board games, books, wi-fi availability, or cable, and complex as luxury amenities like hot tubs, pools, and pool tables.  Guests rent vacation rentals to enjoy themselves, and provide their families with experiences which they cannot receive in hotels, so it’s important to try to provide them with activities of varied engagement levels.

Make Rentals Family-Friendly

Many vacation properties are rented by families with the hopes of providing their loved ones with a homey vacation experience in lieu of an ordinary hotel stay. This means you should try to offer articles and activities, which appeal to kids and young adults as well as adults.  This can be anything as extensive as a crib, or as simples as family-friendly books, movies, and toys.

Simplify Your Rental

Sometimes it can be confusing to find what you need in another’s home, especially when there’s no one to ask.  One way you can bypass this issue is by labeling where you keep the important articles in your house, such as trashcans, recycling bins, and the extra sheets. Another way you can make your guest’s stay a little easier is by providing guests with an informational welcome book outlining the basics of your house.  You can even include some local information, such as dining options or local attractions.  This is a surefire way to increase your chances of receiving a positive guest review.

These are some vacation rentals property management and condominium property management tips that any vacation rental property manager would approve of.  New England Vacation Rentals, as one of the best property management companies in the region, certainly endorses these methods and has personally felt their impact on re-bookings. If you would like to learn more about vacation rentals property management or other ways you can make your vacation rental an amazing experience feel free to contact us!