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Today, we want to talk about Mom. The first woman we ever loved, the one person in our lives who stands behind us 100%, unless there is danger, in which case she throws herself in front of us with no regard to her own safety, no matter how old we are. Her shoulders are always there for us to cry on, her strength is always there for us to lean on, and her love for us knows no end. And how do we repay her? We spoil her on her birthday, we give her grandkids for her to spoil, and if we think ahead, we take her on a spectacular vacation to Cape Cod and a stay in our New England Vacation Rentals on the day meant to pay homage to all mothers everywhere! May is the most beautiful time of the year in Sandwich, making it the perfect place to visit with the most beautiful woman we know, and this guide to our vacation rentals in Sandwich, MA will help you in your planning process by offering up a peek at even more beauty for your stay.

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Make Mom Happy

Mom does too much for everyone, and this Mother’s Day escape to the Cape is the perfect time to show her how to relax. Give her the softest seat in the living room, toss a colorful throw over her legs on cool nights, and (dads, you may want to put your hands over your ears for this next part!) hand her the remote and watch what she wants on our state-of-the-art televisions. The afternoons are warm enough to leave the windows open and if you have chosen one of our seaside cottages, the scents and sounds of the ocean will bring extra peace to the space, no matter where you are within. Step outside to large patios where patio chairs are placed where the views are best and barbecue grills are waiting to be put to use. Depending on the homes for rent in Sandwich, MA you choose, the yard could be green and grassy and bordered by colorful flower beds with a large deck taking center stage, or it could be geared toward those ocean views, offering part grass, part sand, and all the heart that the oceans that surround Cape Cod have to offer. As you enjoy a family barbecue, the antics of the grandkids, and the pure beauty of your mom’s laughter, we at New England Vacation Rentals are thrilled that we could provide the place for these moments to take place in!

More to Explore

The dining room in our Mother’s Day pads is much like the ones you have at home, being the center of family moments and cherished memories. Put together puzzles together, pull out the board games that are usually lining the shelves, or load up the table with all mom’s favorite dishes, only this time, she needs to do nothing more than sit at the breakfast bar while you prove to her that yes, you were listening and paying attention when she tried to pass on her family recipes to you! Pour her a cup of coffee from the coffee makers that will always be brewing and laugh together as you reminisce over your earlier attempts to make the meals that she always seemed to make so effortlessly. Our kitchens are homey spaces, filled with cheer and welcome combined with all the modern conveniences that make life so much nicer than what the pilgrims who settled here in the 1600s had to endure. Laundry rooms are great to have in the case of unforeseen emergencies, or if you just want to pack light and leave room in your suitcase for more gifts for Mom!

A Space of Her Own

Let’s face it. Mom has spent way too many years sacrificing her privacy for the sake of the children when not even bathroom time was sacred and now is the time to give a little back. Many of our homes for rent in Sandwich, MA offer multiple master suites, and if you are an adult child with your own family, you can still have your own private retreat while your mom has hers as well. Each suite will offer an en suite bath, perhaps with deep soaking tubs, walk-in showers, and double vanities that will hold all the toiletries we women need to feel pretty. Televisions in the bedrooms will help ease the transition between awake and asleep and mom can choose between reading a good book, watching a good show, or relaxing in the sitting area sipping a cup of hot herbal tea.

Come Home to our Vacation Rentals in Sandwich MA

The beauty of Cape Cod’s oldest town may pale in comparison with the beauty of your mom but we can promise she will feel loved, treasured, and needed when you choose New England Vacation Rentals for your Mother’s Day escape. Reserve your favorite today!