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As the weather begins to warm and the flowers begin to bloom, springtime on Cape Cod often surprises people with its simple beauty. No, the temperatures won’t rise to summer levels, and yes, there will be the occasional April shower (how else will those May flowers bloom?) but the promise of the season might just convince you that an Easter vacation in Sandwich may be just the thing to help you out of your winter season slump! And of course, our Easter rentals in Sandwich, MA offer idyllic locations in which to celebrate this most personal of holidays! Relax, rejoice, and remember that not all traditions have to continue forever as you explore the idea of Easter on Cape Cod; this guide to our holiday hideaways will give you the little extra encouragement you need to step outside the box and start a new family tradition!

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The Promise of Comfort

Just as the season of spring brings with it the promise of new beginnings, our Easter rentals in Sandwich, MA bring with them the promise of comfort. Filled with light, even on the darkest days, these spaces will comfort your family with a warm embrace every minute of your stay. Living rooms are large and open, offering sofas you want to take naps on and televisions that will bring your favorite Easter movies to life. Oversized windows look out onto varying landscapes depending on the home you choose. Maybe you require a large yard with plenty of spots to hide colorful Easter eggs, or perhaps it is the beach that makes you happiest and you never want to be out of sight of its tranquil waters. Our family Sandwich rentals provide generously sized grassy areas, patios with comfortable furnishings and shiny grills, and as requested, PLENTY of spots for the Easter Bunny to hide his brightly colored eggs. Our beachfront cottages are charming ones, offering backyards with picnic tables and boardwalks that lead straight to the beach, perhaps giving the bunny even more places to hide eggs as it gives our guests the peace and beauty they seek. Most homes offer high-speed internet and if you want to keep up with your personal tradition of a sunrise service on Easter day, just bring your laptop out to the back deck and stream your home church’s service while the sun rises over the sea. These special moments of quiet and beauty will be ones you will cherish forever.

More to Celebrate

Heading back inside to continue our tour, our next stop is the fully equipped kitchens that blend modern conveniences with a cheerful and homey vibe. Use these beautiful spaces to create the feast of your dreams, rolling out dough on stone countertops, blending together a frothy Easter cocktail in provided blenders, and keeping the coffee pots filled; you may not need the caffeine for the energy, but the taste of freshly brewed coffee on a cool spring day is one of life’s most tasteful gifts! Dining rooms are anchored by large tables offering enough seats for every seat in your traveling party and will be the scene of some of your most happy activities. Decorate eggs with the kiddos at these tables, sip wine, and stare out onto the land or seascape visible through large windows, and maybe you can even start planning your next Easter vacation, knowing that this home sweet vacation home has burrowed its way into your heart.

At night, after the kids have fallen asleep and you and your favorite traveling partner have gone through the home, locking doors, and shutting off lights, (much as you would do in your own home) you will know that you are about to experience the best part of your Cape Cod experiences, a night filled with deep sleep and happy dreams. Deep tubs can help ease the transition from wake to sleep as you fill their depths with fragrant waters and sit, read, and perhaps sip a chilled glass of wine. For some travelers, televisions are needed to help sleep through the night, so be sure to look through our list of amenities to ensure that the holiday hideaway you chose is one that provides just the thing, allowing you to prop yourself against the headboard of our comfortable beds and lose yourself in the magic on the screen.

Celebrating Easter in our Sandwich Rentals

Everything you do at home for Easter can be done right here in Sandwich on Cape Cod. Easter egg hunts, brunches, and sunrise services don’t have to be celebrated only at home, many local businesses, parks, and restaurants will allow you to save your home moments for relaxation. Reserve your favorite New England Vacation Rentals Easter escape today and start a new family tradition you will never tire of, no matter how many years you keep coming back to the Cape! Contact us today!