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Every year during the third week of June, Provincetown hosts its annual film festival recognizing the most cutting-edge short films, narrative features, and documentaries from the United States and abroad while also celebrating and emphasizing Provincetown’s uniquely diverse culture and heritage. Find out more about the Provincetown Film Festival below!

Recognizing Excellence in Filmmaking in a Vibrant Atmosphere

The Provincetown Film Festival is held annually on Wednesday through Sunday of the third week of June. Throughout the event, venues all over town play showings of the festival’s dynamic, engaging, and diverse short films that are up for awards and recognition.

You and your guests can watch movies ranging from comedies, documentaries, and romances to the strange and fantastical, starring notable and up-and-coming actors and actresses under the direction of a wide range of directors.

Many of the films showcased during the Provincetown Film Festival span from as little as five minutes to as long as an hour and a half and are themed around LGBTQ and other cultural identities. Other films explore science, religion, famous figures, and current events across a variety of film mediums. Awards are given during the film festival in categories such as Filmmaker on the Edge and Excellence in Acting.

Provincetown Festival

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