Woods Hole, MA is a picturesque town tucked away in the southeast of Cape Cod, just before Naushon Island. Take Highway 28 to its southernmost point, then take Woods Hole Road southeast. Once you pass Oyster Pond Road, everything between you and the ocean is Woods Hole. If the idyllic New England small town sounds like your kind of getaway, you should check out Woods Hole Cape Cod.

Why Here?

Unlike most towns in Cape Cod, Woods Hole, Massachusetts is surrounded by the sea on all sides except the northeast. For ocean-lovers, this makes it the best place to soak up the salty scent of the Atlantic. The ports are always bustling with ships, fishermen still make a living off the ocean’s bounty, and everything you needs is just a stroll away.

The village is outstandingly scenic. The Nobska Lighthouse stands proudly on a hill overlooking the beach, ferries pass to and fro between the town and Naushon Island, and Spohr’s Garden offers a lovely expanse of daffodils come springtime. It’s also just a ferry-ride away from gorgeous Martha’s Vineyard.

Like much of New England, Woods Hole, MA proudly celebrates education and the arts. Summer is marked by public music and dances in the Community Hall, while the annual art show always draws out a crowd. The different labs and institutions here are dedicated to studying the oceans, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute—internationally renowned for finding the wreckage of the Titanic—offers exhibits to the public. The town’s aquarium, operated by the National Marine Fisheries—is a kid-friendly place to learn more about the biosphere beneath the waves. The Woods Hole Library is also a great place to pick up a book to relax for the afternoon. Plus, its computers offer a way to connect back home in case you forgot your electronics.


Woods Hole Cape Cod may be fantastic, but the greatest city in the world is out of reach if there’s no place there for you to stay. Trust New England Vacation Rentals to find the perfect dwellings for your Woods Hole vacation. Our experience and local focus guarantees you the best experiences possible.

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