The town of Harwich, Massachusetts is divided into several smaller villages. New England Vacation Rentals offers lovely getaways in both West and South Harwich, MA. Crossed by Highway 28, South Harwich touches the coast.

Why Here?

If you want to visit a town that really embraces small-town community life, then the town of Harwich is the place to see. Having everything you need within a 15-minute drive helps you feel closely connected to your surroundings, and the weather—invigorating in spring, calming in fall, and simply gorgeous in summer—cements your connection with nature. You or those traveling with you might have apprehensions about too quiet a life, but don’t worry: local traditions such as the Arts and Crafts festivals in summer and the Cranberry Arts and Music Festival in September keep Harwich bustling and exciting.

South Harwich Cape Cod is not only close to these wonderful events, but is also perhaps the best of the Harwich subdivisions for water activities. Red River Beach, the biggest of the Harwich beaches, is in South Harwich, and its jetties offer great places for fishing. New England’s mild summers keep the area ideal for sunbathing and jogging. If you prefer a quieter place to fish, try Skinequit Pond—not only does it offer a herring run, but the heron and osprey which call it home offer lovely scenery for your relaxing afternoon.


You’re probably already setting aside a weekend in spring or fall to see South Harwich Cape Cod for yourself. Or, maybe you’re imagining a week-long stay to enjoy New England’s beautiful summers. Either way, talk to New England Vacation Rentals to connect you with the right property for your stay. We guarantee you a gorgeous, perfectly maintained property to serve as your home sweet home. Any accommodations you need? You can count on us: whether it’s finding a crib to rent for your stay or making sure you find a wheel-chair accessible property, we know how to cover for you. Whether it’s South Harwich, Woods Hole, or anywhere along Cape Cod, trust us to deliver you the best vacation experience.

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