Cruise east along Highway 28, and just before you hit the bend in Cape Cod in the town of Chatham, you’ll find yourself in the town of Harwich. Harwich is in fact subdivided into several smaller towns, one of which is Harwich Port. It’s a well-to-do area, often simply called “The Port” by locals. It’s an ideal place to rent a property for your stay in Cape Cod.

Why Here?

Harwich is already a small town by West Coast standards, and the subdivision into smaller towns only accentuates the small-town charm. Staying in Harwich Port, MA means enjoying the local traditions which keep life here lively. In the summer, check out the arts and crafts festivals and marvel at the local talent and creativity. Popular throughout the area, September brings the Cranberry Arts and Music Festival that’s worth planning a stay around. And if you enjoy Live Theater, the historic Cape Playhouse is also in Harwich. All of these are very short drives from just about anywhere in Harwich Port Cape Cod.

Why Harwich Port? As the town’s port, this offers the best place to get out and enjoy a day on the ocean waves. Different companies offer fishing tours: Jail Break Private Fishing Charters and Fishtale Sportfishing are great for the whole family, while Cap’n Kids offers an equally fun excursion focused on younger audiences. Monomoy Island Excursions gives a chance to go see seals and other sea life. And for those who prefer to stay on land, the area features other fun activities such as go-karts, batting cages, and a spa.

If you are planning to stay in Harwich Port Cape Cod, a luxurious condo is the perfect spot for you. Condos are considerably nicer than hotels, boasting larger living spaces and better amenities such as personal Wi-Fi, stocked kitchens, and more furnishings. Our Harwich Port offerings range from the cozy 1 bed/1 baths to spacious luxury condos of four bedrooms or more.


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