Some have likened the shape of Cape Cod to a flexing arm. In this analogy, the town of Chatham, MA lies right on the tip of the elbow, its Main Street being coextensive with Highway 28. It’s a popular spot with summer tourists, so if you’ve been dreaming of a New England getaway, consider staying in Chatham Cape Cod.

Why Here?

Even compared to other New England towns, Chatham, Massachusetts accentuates its desirability as a home-away-from-home, so condos here are very popular. Despite its small-town feel, many condos themselves are quite spacious and offer excellent places for larger families or groups of friends. For a long family reunion, renting a condo or two might be the perfect way to stay. Condos are also particularly popular because they tend to have more amenities than apartments, furnished with private Wi-Fi, their own pool, larger TVs, gas stoves, and the like.

As inviting as New England summers are, you can’t have much of a vacation town if there’s nothing there to do. Don’t worry—Chatham Cape Cod has you covered. In particular, it has lots to offer to history buffs. The Chatham Railroad Museum boasts relics from over fifty years ago—a long time in an industry that has seen so many changes. The Old Village District currently keeps up over 300 properties as historic landmarks, with architecture and amenities that give glimpses into the past. One of the earliest examples of American industry and innovations are also right here in the town of Chatham: The gristmill, located in Chase Park, was built in 1797 to grind corn harnessing the power of the wind. Renovations have put the gristmill in working order again.

The city is also quite scenic, offering photo opportunities to let you boast of your fantastic vacation to folks back home. Fishermen still head forth from the fish pier to draw up from the ocean the day’s catch. The Chatham Lighthouse still stands, a monument to a time when a properly running lighthouse meant the difference between safe shores and disaster; the telescopes at the top offer some lovely views. Finally, consider taking a walk down the many conservation trails that protect Chatham’s meadows, wetlands, and beaches.


With vacation rentals being so popular in Chatham, Massachusetts, it’s important that you choose an experienced and locally-focused management company to connect you with the best lodgings for your stay. Stay at one of our properties and enjoy top-quality amenities and superbly maintained properties. To really enjoy your vacation, you need an enjoyable place to stay. So when it comes to rentals along Cape Cod, you should always say NEVR!

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