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The hunt for property management services doesn’t end just because you chose to list your property on one of the more popular vacation rental sites. In fact, it may be more important than ever to find a great company, because your property is going to be even more visible to more people and you want to ensure that your biggest investment offers the biggest return on your investment. And because it is important that the company you hire knows the area in which your Lower Cape escape is located, you want someone who is based as close to your home as possible which is where New England Vacation Rentals comes into the picture. Our property management services cover the whole spectrum of vacation property rental needs and ensures that you never have to worry about a single aspect of your investment!

The Most Important Part

You purchased this FlipKey property on the Lower Cape for the sole purpose of making money. Maybe you are looking for an easy retirement, maybe your day job doesn’t provide enough money to support the lifestyle you seek, and maybe you are also looking to spend a few weeks of your life enjoying its charms and the beauty of Cape Cod. Whatever the underlying reasons, however, you need this large investment to give you the maximum return on that investment and New England Vacation Rentals combines the latest technology, good old-fashioned customer service and a partnership with ALL the vacation rental websites to garner you the big bucks you require! We research the latest trends, we prepare your home so that it shows its best side in pictures, and we never stop when it comes to seeking new ways to increase your returns.

Marketing Is Key

Your choice to market your rental on FlipKey shows that you also understand the importance of marketing and our years of experience in online marketing proves that we do too! We utilize all methods of marketing to get your shining star out there in front of the largest number of people, ensuring that empty beds will not be a problem that you will ever have to consider.

Safe with Us

Many of our property owners do not live nearby. As a matter of fact, our owners can be found living their best lives spread out all over the United States, which means, of course, you are putting your property into hands that must take as much care as possible. We treat your home like it is ours, checking on it after storms, inspecting it before and after each tenant arrives and leaves, and our teammates, housekeeping companies, maintenance workers, and design professionals, all work together to keep your escape in tip top condition.

We Do Not Rest on Our Laurels

Our record speaks for itself, but that doesn’t mean we pat ourselves on the back, resting on our laurels while your investment could begin to lag behind. We constantly seek new ways of making your investment a profitable one, latching on to the ideas that work and discarding the ones that are less than wonderful. We have even launched a vacation rental app that guarantees transparency, letting owners check in on all the details involved with their investment, and providing discounts on local businesses that can be enjoyed by the owners when they decide to be their own guest or can be passed on to the paying guests who have fallen in love with the property you have to offer.

Gandhi Said It Best

To paraphrase everyone’s favorite sage, satisfaction can only be found when an effort is made, and because we want our owners to enjoy 100% satisfaction about the job we do, we put in extra effort to give you the satisfaction you deserve. We don’t want you to be afraid to speak out if something doesn’t make sense to you, and we don’t want you to keep to yourselves any ideas you may have on how to better serve your property management needs! Give us a call and let us know what’s on your mind and let us work harder to grant you ultimate and complete satisfaction.

It’s a Business First

Cape Cod is one of the world’s most attractive vacation destinations and your home on the Lower Cape may be like a child to you. Maybe you have it decorated with items you have picked up in your own travels across the years or maybe the Lower Cape is where you met your one true love and this property is a monument to your love. Whatever your reasons for loving this investment like a child, at the end of the day, if you want to keep that child happy, remembering it is a business is something we can do for you! Our services are licensed, bonded, and insured, limiting any risks you take in partnering with us and as we take care of the advertising, the paperwork, the taking in of money, and the care of your property, you can relax and release any worries you may have had over the initial investment costs. We don’t consider ourselves a success unless we have made you a success. Give us a call today and let us work together to make your business shine bright!