Any rental management company knows that beachfront vacation properties are among the most coveted in the industry, but many non-beach vacation property owners don’t know the ways that they can compete with these highly sought-after properties. Take it from New England Vacation Rentals, one the best beach property management services, many of our non-beach property owners generate just as much income from their inland properties as our waterfront rental owners. The key to inland success is providing your home with the correct atmosphere and basic amenities that will rival the luxury one receives from a waterfront property.  Here are some simple ways our owners have accomplished this:

Give Your Home a Distinct Feeling

While, it may seem obvious, a new paint job cannot only mask your home’s blemishes, but give your house a new feeling of warmth and hominess.  Unlike office spaces and apartments people are used to renting you want to stay away from neutral colors; instead, you want to use colors that will bring together the overall atmosphere you wish portray, giving your vacation home a distinct vibe.

The additions of area rug is another great way of tying the walls and furnishings and together to add new life to your vacation rental.  They’re also great for covering up imperfections and easy to clean.

Perfect the Lighting

Installing dimmer switches is both an easy and inexpensive way of improving your home’s aesthetics.  This allows guests to control the mood throughout the house, and provide more light for the activities which so require, and less for those that don’t.  Again, while seemingly simplistic, this can go a long way in terms of guest satisfaction.

Mattresses, Sheets, & Pillows

Vacation rentals aren’t inexpensive, so why should the mattresses be? When you spend money on vacation rental you’re doing so in lieu of a top-notch hotel, thus the mattress quality should be equivalent.  Try to avoid pillow top mattresses, as their quality tends to diminish fairly quickly; instead look for decently firm mattresses, which only become increasingly comfortable over time.

For variety, and those who prefer not to sleep on firm mattresses, look into investing in one quality soft down feather mattress.  While, a little pricier, these are a great long-term investment for your home. As a side note, most adults would much rather sleep in a king-sized bed; when it comes to mattress size bigger is better.

When it comes to sheets, look for higher thread counts, as these are softer; you want to mimic the quality of a stay in a luxury hotel.  In terms of pillows, provide your guests with a variety, so that they have the options that will allow them to sleep comfortably.

Basic Supplies and Necessities

To make your guests’ stay as convenient as possible provide them with soaps and lotions.  Try to make these decorative, and fitting to the bathroom.  You could also invest in an iron, and ironing board for those who would like to dress up for dinner or late night entertainment.  Basic cleaning supplies are also handy to have around; you don’t want your guests to have to struggle figuring out how to clean up an accidental mess, for your sake and theirs.  Make sure to keep your fridge and pantries stocked with basic staples, so that they don’t need to run out and buy every little thing they need if they decide to stay home and cook.  Last but not least, firmly seal pantry staples to avoid attracting bugs.

These are the most basic techniques the average rental management company teaches inland owners to compete with the well sought-after waterfront properties.  At New England Vacation Rentals we certainly endorse these practices in our condominium property management, vacation home management, and the best beach property management. If you’re interested in learning more about our rental management company check out the rest of our website, or click here to contact us!