There are probably a million reasons why you would want to visit Cape Cod, and although we know them all by heart, today we are just going to talk about the top reasons you should make the Cape your next vacation destination. Even if you already have your own list, it’s quite possible you will find some new ones, helping you fall even deeper in love with the area!

The Beaches

The Cape Cod National Seashore is one of the best reasons travelers from all over the world flock to our doorstep. Offering six swimming beaches and the lighthouses that help sea faring vessels navigate the waters safely, the beauty and serenity of these beaches are magic, and your stay will surpass all other vacations you take.

The History

Cape Cod is where our nation’s story began and it is impossible not to feel awed when you realize you are walking in the footsteps of people you have studied in history class. Exploring the historic buildings, walking the trails that pass through Cornelia Carey Sanctuary, and of course, visiting the lighthouses that have stood for decades make history come alive.

Whale Watching

If you have never watched a whale breaching the water, your time in Cape Cod is the perfect time to remedy that as the whale watching opportunities are world class! The whales that breed in the waters around Cape Cod include Right Whales which are nearly extinct, named by whalers who deemed them “the right whales to hunt.” Today, we protect these magnificent creatures instead of hunting them, and there are a variety of whale watching businesses who will take you and your family to the spots where they are known to make appearances!

Drive-In Theaters

Although the drive-in theater has nearly disappeared from the national landscape, we in Cape Cod feel if it works, why change things? Offering three nostalgic spots to watch your favorite movies, the Wellfleet Cinemas and the Yarmouth and Falmouth Drive-Ins give visitors a change to relive the glory days of their youth while introducing the next generation the opportunity to see what they have been missing!

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Of course, the best reason of all may be the opportunity to stay in one of our comfortable and welcoming Cape Cod vacation homes. Spoiling our guests is something we do well, but you don’t have to take our word on that. Reserve your favorite and find out for yourself!

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