When we were growing up, if we learned a new fact, we were always told we could go home after, and although you won’t want to leave Cape Cod, knowing these fun facts will make your trip even more interesting! We at New England Vacation Rentals love our island home and love sharing with others, and this guide to a few of the things you may not know about Cape Cod promises to enhance your visit.

Comets in the Sky

Although it is the sea and landscape that garners the most interest, scientific afficionados may be intrigued to know that the first documented sighting of a comet took place right here on Cape Cod! The amateur astronomer who saw said comet was actually a female named Maria Mitchell. Today, we know that women can be just as effective scientists, but this was back in 1847, so it really was a big deal that a woman made this contribution, leading to her being welcomed into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences!

Kennedy Won His Election Bid in Hyannis

It’s no secret that JFK and his family made Cape Cod their home away from home, but you may not have realized that he made his acceptance speech in the 1960 Presidential Election from the National Guard Armory in Hyannis.

The Aptucxet Trading Post in Bourne Had a Dark Underside

The Aptucxet Trading Post, established by Pilgrims in 1627, was a resounding success and became the first commercial trading site in the country, but its success led to a darker story. The coast between Chatham and Truro was a dangerous one, and over the years there were over 3000 documented shipwrecks in those waters, leading to the nickname of Graveyards of the Atlantic. Today, treasure hunters still search the waters for bounty on the sea floor, hoping to make it rich beyond their wildest dreams!

We Owe Codfish the Honor of Helping Settle on a Name

Cape Cod was named after the plethora of codfish found in the area, which, we guess, is better than being named Cape Quahog!

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