Vacations come in all shapes and sizes, and whether you are visiting Cape Cod for a long weekend or are planning to be here for a much longer time, you want a Wellfleet rental that will make you feel at home. Especially for those vacations that bring you here for a week or more at a time, you need a home with kitchens so not every meal has to be eaten out, with laundry rooms so you don’t have to fill up your suitcases with clothes and can leave space for the souvenirs you buy, and of course, you must have a home with tranquil bedrooms and comfortable beds, allowing you to sleep deep every night and wake up the next morning feeling renewed! Our New England Vacation Rentals Wellfleet weekly rentals offer all the cozy comforts you look for in a vacation sanctuary and all the modern conveniences that just make life easier whether you are traveling or not.

Our Wellfleet Rentals are Your Home for the Week

Weekend travelers are sure to enjoy all the added conveniences of our weekly rentals, but it is the travelers that are planning to stay a while that will need everything these homes offer! Even during vacation, it can still be nice to sit and watch your favorite shows, and our state-of-the-art televisions allow you to do just that. Cuddle up under a warm throw on a chilly night and start a fire in the fireplace. (Some will be wood burning, others will be gas, but all will add warmth and romance to your Wellfleet vacation.) Bookshelves lined with books that are meant to be read may also contain board games that can fill an empty night, and as you prepare to show your family what a real estate mogul you can be during a game of Monopoly, perhaps a gentle rain outside will add to the ambiance of the moment.

There are a lot of restaurants in the Wellfleet area, and although you would love to dine out as much as possible, there will always be those nights (or mornings!) when a homecooked meal is all you can think about! Stop by Hatch’s Market at 310 Main Street and pick up the fresh caught fish you haven’t had a chance to catch yourself yet and grill it up on the barbecues found in the backyards of many of our homes. Cooler nights are great for big pots of chili, stew, or for those who like to put a little more effort into their cooking, a bouillabaisse filled with all the fresh seafood you could ever handle and updated appliances in homey kitchens provide a pleasant space in which to prepare a family feast. Gather around large dining tables to devour said feast, and after the meal is complete and the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher, (most of our Wellfleet homes offer dishwashers) you can finish up that game of Monopoly you started earlier in the day!

Laundry rooms can be absolutely vital to the success of a long trip, whether you choose to pack light because you want to save room for souvenirs or you just don’t want to bring every piece of clothing from your closet. At night, our tranquil bedrooms will help you fall right to sleep and premium mattresses will ensure that you STAY asleep, a talent we as adults have often failed to master. Padded headboards make reading or watching television more comfortable and because you deserve to be spoiled, many of our homes will offer deep tubs that just beg to be enjoyed with soft music, wine, and a really good book. The best way to enjoy a vacation on Cape Cod is by feeling absolutely comfortable and at home and our Wellfleet house rentals will help you do just that!

Time to Eat

You are on vacation and you won’t want to cook every meal. Tasty restaurants such as Moby Dick’s (a tradition for over 40 years) and the Bookstore and Restaurant promise to fill your stomach while feeding your soul. The Bookstore offers a chance to stock up on the bestsellers you haven’t been able to read over the years as well as to enjoy a delicious seafood meal prepared by others! Mac’s Shack provides sushi, cocktails, and an elegant dining experience you don’t normally expect from a seaside town and Winslow’s Tavern, housed in a building constructed in the 1800s offers refreshing beverages, delicious meals, and views of the ocean you will never forget! Also offering a patio that is popular on warmer evenings, you and your family will feel like family after your first meal at the Tavern, and if you decide to stay and enjoy another drink, we wouldn’t blame you one bit!

For the Long Haul

Staying in one vacation home for your entire week on Cape Cod could be considered quite a commitment for those who prefer variety, but once you step inside for the first time you won’t be able to imagine anywhere else you would want to stay. Reserve your favorite of our Wellfleet house rentals today!