The beauty of Cape Cod is not just reflected as a whole, it is divided up between the charming towns and village that together create a vacation paradise that travelers have flocked to for centuries. And because each town offers something uniquely individual, today we at New England Vacation Rentals want to discuss our Wellfleet vacation rentals and the cozy and comfortable experiences they offer within the boundaries of the town. Offering all the charm you might expect from a coastal town, there is always something wonderful to do when you choose it as your vacation destination. This guide to Wellfleet and the vacation sanctuaries we offer therein will help create a vacation experience that you will never want to forget!

All the Comforts of Home in Our Wellfleet Vacation Rentals

Now that you have spent a few minutes enjoying the kitchens of our Wellfleet rentals, whether it’s a charming seaside condo or a classic New England cottage located not far from the beach, it is time to explore more of the comforts found inside. Our rentals are friendly spaces that are light and bright. Outside a garden filled with colorful hydrangeas may create a statement against the weathered clapboard of the cottage, also offering a place to sit, relax, and grill up your catch of the day. Condos may offer views of the sea, offering sweet balconies on which you can raise a toast to another stunning sunset as the peace and tranquility of the water below touches your soul. Step inside and begin exploring the treasures found within. Living rooms with fireplaces and state-of-the-art televisions are welcoming spaces that invite guests to stay just a little bit longer. Read the latest bestseller in that overstuffed chair in front of the window or curl up under a soft throw with a fire crackling merrily in the fireplace on a chilly summer night.

The dining rooms are truly the heart of our Wellfleet MA rentals, providing a place to gather with your family every morning and night of your stay. Sip coffee with your spouse as you plan each morning’s adventures and bring out the board games (many of our properties will offer a selection of games for guests to use) and make memories that will transcend all other adventures. Laughter will ring through the rafters, especially as adult children regale parents with the stories of all the shenanigans they engaged in during their wild and feral days of childhood.

Throughout the properties, reminders of the sea can be found in the art work, décor, even the blankets and throw pillows that give many of our rentals the homey feel that welcomes you! Period touches can include original hard wood floors, built-in cabinets, and large-paned windows that look out over gardens and seascapes, but the modern conveniences included will ensure that every need of every traveler is met! At night, plush beds provide a place where dreams are sweet and in many rentals, televisions are included to help ease guests into a deeper sleep, helping visitors awaken each morning feeling refreshed and ready to face a new day of fun and frolic on Cape Cod!

You Can Thank Wellfleet for the Introduction of Bananas into Your Diet

One wacky fact about Wellfleet that you may not have known is that one of our early shipping captains, Captain Lorenzo Dow Baker, is responsible for bringing bananas to the country! Prior to 1870, bananas were a product of Venezuela and had never been tasted by Americans who hadn’t visited the tropical South American country. Today, of course, bananas are enjoyed every day, and if you happen to purchase some for your stay in Wellfleet, we know you will appreciate them even more! Our fully equipped kitchens are the perfect place to enjoy a bowl of cereal in the morning and everyone knows how much better cereal tastes with the addition of sliced up bananas!

Out and About in Wellfleet

While your adventures with us are destined to be comfortable ones, there is so much fun and excitement to be had in town, you may want to start planning a second trip before you have finished this first one! Beach days spent enjoying the beauty of Duck Harbor Beach, evenings spent devouring the tasty foods served at Moby Dick’s, and all the minutes in between spent exploring the magic of our beautiful seaside village will make this getaway one that zooms to the top of your best vacations list. And whether you are hiking along the Great Island Trail or are just exploring the shops and buildings of our downtown area, coming home to New England Vacation Rentals will be the best part of every day. Reserve your favorite of our Wellfleet MA rentals today!