Every family wants a house to play and relax in while on vacation. Having had enough of cramped and sterile hotel rooms over the years, we now know what we were missing out on back then. And for the family planning a once in a lifetime getaway to Cape Cod and the beautiful seaside town of Wellfleet, choosing New England Vacation Homes for your rental needs provides yet another benefit: Our Wellfleet Cape Cod rentals will become home when you and your family walk in the door for the very first time! Offering charm, comfort, and that inexorable sense of family and home, our Wellfleet vacation homes are popular for a reason and this guide to their charms and modern conveniences will convince you there is no other place you want to stay.

Welcome Home to Wellfleet in Our Wellfleet Cape Cod Rentals

We all remember those days when the entire family crowded into a single hotel room, sharing a single bath and two double beds, while trying to convince ourselves that a vacation accommodation is merely a place to lay your head between adventures. Today, we realize that the place we stay is an integral part of our vacation experience, and when we are traveling with family or friends, we need the space to spread out and rooms to retreat to at the end of our long days of vacation adventures. Our vacation rentals in Wellfleet MA provide that and so much more, giving families a place to feel comfortable and at home, and perhaps even choose to spend at least one day of their getaway at home exploring all their amenities! Binge watch your favorite TV streaming series on Smart TVs offering pictures so clear, you will feel as if you are a part of the action on the screen. Game rooms in some homes offer entertainment options you may not have in your own house, and fire pits in grassy backyards provide the perfect spot to tell ghost stories as you roast marshmallows for s’mores!

Dining rooms are often the center of all family activities, providing more than just a place to devour meals created in nearby kitchens, but a place to play, talk, and reconnect in ways you just don’t have the time for during real life! These are the rooms where dreams will be revealed, secrets will be shared, and memories that last a lifetime will be created and if all of these activities take place over a meal prepared in our fully equipped kitchens, all the better! The beauty of Cape Cod will be reflected in the décor choices of our homeowners, often presenting a beachy atmosphere to keep the sea in the forefront of your mind. Laying awake at night, with a good book in your lap and looking up at a beautiful sunset seascape hanging on the wall next to state-of-the-art televisions will serve as a happy reminder of how you can spend every evening of your stay in Wellfleet! Walking along shore’s edge, feeling the cool water tickle your feet and ankles as the sunset lights up the sky with a kaleidoscope of fiery colors is an experience you will never grow tired of and because our Wellfleet homes are often within walking distance of the sea, early risers can also watch the sun rise, returning home to bed for a couple of more hours of happy sleep after the sky is fully alight! Spa-like baths, fully equipped laundry rooms, and high-speed internet will ensure that every modern need will be met, and the welcoming atmosphere will touch the heart of every guest who stays within.

A Special Treat

There’s always going to be a lot to do during your Cape Cod getaway, but a stay in one of these vacation rentals in Wellfleet MA will bring visitors a special treat, a chance to go to an outdoor drive-in! You may remember fun hours spent in the drive-ins of your youth and we are here to tell you that fun can be had again, only with clearer pictures and sound at the only drive-in on Cape Cod, the Wellfleet Drive In. Offering double features of the latest releases every night of the week in the summer, don’t be surprised if your kiddos want to come back every night of the week! We have often wondered why drive-ins closed over the years and when you visit the Wellfleet Drive In, you may ask yourself that very same question! When hunger pains strike, a visit to the Wicked Oyster, 50 Main Street, provides a glimpse of history as well as a taste of the Cape! Located in a home that has been a part of the Wellfleet landscape since 1750—yes, before we even became an independent nation—this seafood restaurant pleases all the senses!

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Become a part of our Wellfleet family when you choose New England Vacation Rentals for your Wellfleet escape. Reserve your favorite today!