Every holiday spent with family can be legitimately considered the best holiday ever, but if you want to push your holiday celebrations to the next level of perfection, a vacation on Cape Cod spent in one of our New England Vacation Rentals Wellfleet holiday rentals is practically the only way to go! Offering excitement, adventure, and all the comforts of home, our festive holiday hideaways are designed to be an integral part of your holiday celebrations and because more than likely they are located thousands of miles away from some of your crabbier relatives, we can almost guarantee that whatever holiday you choose to spend with us, it could be the start of a new family tradition. Bask in the glow of being able to celebrate on your terms and revel in the comforts our holiday hideaways offer while exploring all that makes Wellfleet and Cape Cod one of the world’s most popular travel destinations!

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New Year, New You

For us, the new year has always been a time meant for hope and optimism. There are 12 long and beautiful months spread out before you, waiting to be explored, enjoyed, and lived, and when you start your January 1st out in the bosom of our holiday hideaways, the rest of the year is destined to be the best. Raise a toast at midnight as you watch the ball drop on state-of-the-art televisions, and whether you give or receive that first kiss of the year, the magic you feel will take you back to your first moments together. Bake frozen hors d’oeuvres in our fully equipped kitchens, prepare for a night of simple comforts as you dress in your warmest pajamas in our serene bedrooms, and spend every minute of the last night of the old year with a smile on your face!

Built for Love

Although Valentine’s Day is not often considered a traveling holiday, the love you feel for that human that you want to travel with forever will be enhanced, simply by the romance of our homes. Deep in the heart of winter Cape Cod offers a cold and snow covered land and seascape, but when cuddling together in front of a roaring fire in our warm and welcoming living rooms, you won’t even notice the frigid temps. Sip cocoa as you stare into each other’s eyes, sharing secrets, dreams, and your hopes for the future or bundle up against the cold and brave the weather with a walk across snow covered sandy beaches. There is no wrong way to enjoy a Valentine’s Day on Cape Cod!

The Cape Comes to Life

Let’s be frank here. The winter months aren’t the most popular months for tourists, as only the hardiest dare to make the trek, but as winter morphs into spring and summer, Cape Cod truly comes to life! Memorial Day marks the beginning of our busiest season with flocks of tourists from all over the world land on our shores and once you have spent a part of your summer enjoying bonfires on the beaches (where allowed) eating lobster rolls at the Beachcomber in Wellfleet, and, of course, reveling in the comforts found in our holiday hideaways, you may never want to spend your summer holidays anywhere else ever again. Enjoy a barbecue on the back deck of your temporary escape on Memorial Day, watch fireworks from the sandy shores of White Crest Beach, and say farewell to the summer months while watching the sun set from the deck of one of our cozy cottages! There’s so much to see and do in Wellfleet, including watching the boys of summer play in the Cape Cod Baseball League which will bring you back to the days of your youth after you hear the first whack of the bat; only wooden bats are allowed in this collegiate summer league! Your best moments, however, will be the ones spent with your family in our Wellfleet cottages, playing board games at large dining room tables, telling ghost stories around fire pits as the stars twinkle above, and perhaps trying your hand at a traditional crab boil dinner on a lazy and wonderful summer evening!

And Just Like That

The carefree adventures of summer are over and the fall and winter months bring with them a new set of holidays to be enjoyed in our New England Vacation Rentals seasonal sanctuaries. Trick or treating at the annual Pumpkin Palooza in Wellfleet and then sneaking the candy from your kiddos bags once they are sleeping deeply in our cloud soft beds. Trekking along trails oohing and ahhing over the colors of leaves, followed by a soak in one of our deeper tubs to soothe tired muscles. Thanksgiving blessings seem more abundant when the family is gathered round our family style dining room tables, and Christmas Eve feels more magical as you watch Hallmark movies, sip some Irish cocoa, and wait for the jolly old elf to arrive!

Reserve your favorite holiday hideaway today and start a new family tradition that will be where the most cherished memories occur!