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We at New England Vacation Rentals firmly believe that the world is divided into two segments when it comes to their favorite holidays: those who love Christmas and the magic associated with this time of year, and those who prefer the darker magic of Halloween. If black and orange are your favorite colors and you have a subscription to the Shudder channel on your Smart TV, watching the classic horror films all throughout the year, chances are you fall under the “I love Halloween” demographic, and we invite you to explore our Halloween vacation rentals in the oldest town on Cape Cod. Yes, we know that Halloween is not a traditional traveling holiday, and your children may be concerned that they will miss out on trick-or-treating, but we assure you, none of the fun will have to be skipped and all the comforts of home will be yours when you choose any of our Halloween vacation rentals as a sanctuary for your holiday fun on Cape Cod! This guide to the holiday hideaways that will be your favorite part of your Massachusetts getaway will give you a little something to look forward to in the days and weeks that lead up to your vacation.

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No Ghosts Here

Although you enjoy a good haunted house or two during the holiday, you probably don’t want to share your sleep space with the spirits, and our New England Vacation Rentals holiday homes will be respites of peace with no sign of ghosts. From the outside, the classic New England style of our homes may offer a touch of the season, nestled between trees with leaves of gold, red, and purple, and the occasional potted plant or pumpkin will remind you of the season you are celebrating. But for now, let’s get out of the crisp fall air and step inside to the warm and welcoming rooms that await you.

Living rooms with comfortable furnishings and stone fireplaces will invite you to sink into the sofas and binge watch your favorite horror movies on state-of-the-art televisions. Start a fire, pour yourself a beverage, and snuggle under colorful throws on this first night of Halloween chills, leaving the nightmares on the screen. Our dining rooms are where games will be played after a long day of holiday thrills, introducing the younger family members to the joys of living life unplugged. Many of our homes offer bookshelves or cabinets lined with books, movies, and games, but if none appeals, Titcomb’s Bookshop, located at 432 MA-6A in East Sandwich may have other options that will!

Fully equipped kitchens add function and cheer to your vacation escape, giving guests the opportunity to create Halloween themed feasts, witch’s brews, and sweet desserts, easing vacation budget strain as you can choose to eat in instead of paying for restaurant meals every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Custom cabinets, expansive breakfast bars and/or center islands, and updated appliances will ensure that meal prep is a joy, not a boring chore, and your Halloween stay in East Sandwich may be the perfect time to share family secrets, including the ingredients that go into your famous chili. The weather will range from chilly to cold during this visit, and a big pan of cornbread and giant pot of chili may be your favorite meal of all!

Sandwich Escapes

Our Sandwich properties reflect the charms of Cape Cod’s oldest settled town, offering a blend of classic homes that may have been built 2, 20, or even 30 years ago, with many of them offering beach views that will take your Halloween vacation experience to the next level of excitement. Bundle up for a sunrise walk along the sandy shores or sleep in late and experience the fire in the sky at sunset when it will definitely be warmer. By Halloween, the temperatures may top out in the 60s and may fall as low as the 30s or 40s, so pack accordingly, as you don’t want to miss out on fun because you are too cold! Some of our Sandwich sanctuaries may offer game rooms with pool tables or arcade games, and most will feature gas grills in the backyard. If you are seeking a pet friendly escape, all that qualify will offer fenced-in yards for the safety of your fur children and your convenience! Beachfront guests may try to fish from the shores, and the gas grills will make your catch of the day taste even sweeter. If you dine before the sun sets, patio tables with a view will help each meal memorable!

Havens of Peace and Tranquility

As you participate in Halloween activities all over the Cape, explore the restaurants of East Sandwich, and spend many hours letting the salt breezes bring peace to your soul, by the time night falls you will be more than ready to slide between the silky linens that top our premium beds and drift off into the sweet oblivion of the best night’s sleep of your life. Open the windows to let the sounds of waves crashing against the beach work as a lullaby, soak in fragrant waters in deep soaking tubs found in many of our Sandwich baths, or grab the remote to the state-of-the-art television mounted on the wall opposite the bed and let the sounds of your favorite shows lull you into a more peaceful state. The bedrooms of our Halloween hideaways offer no ghosts, no spooky frights, (unless you take your horror move marathon to the bedroom!) and long nights of deep sleep filled with happy dreams. Children will sleep easily in rooms that are cheerful and located close to their parents, and if they stay up a little later than normal, whispering and giggling as they recount their holiday adventures on America’s playground, give them a little break. This is their vacation too, and the excess candy they have consumed will make them crash soon, and you won’t have to deal with cranky children in the morning, because they too can sleep in as late as they want! But the kids won’t be the only ones waking up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed as you, the parents that have learned how tiring adulthood can be, will wake up every morning feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready for new holiday fun!

Play Hard and Relax Even Harder

Your vacation on Cape Cod is destined to be filled with Halloween experiences that will thrill even the most skeptical of kiddos who may be wondering how much fun they can have away from their own friends. For adults traveling sans kids, ghost tours of local towns may be a spooky way to fill your evening hours, bringing a better understanding of the history and spirit of our Cape Cod hometowns. And whether you are trunk-or-treating with the kids, attending fall festivals with your favorite traveling companions, or are exploring the beaches and lighthouses we are famous for, coming home every night to the comforts and amenities offered in our holiday hideaways will be the highlight of your vacation adventures. Reserve your favorite escape today and discover all the reasons traveling at Halloween may become your newest family tradition!