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The best vacations are the ones taken with those we love most. Our friends who have been there for us through good times and bad, the people who know most everything about us and still like us anyway. Our family, who by nature of birth have to like us, but can’t help loving us also, are also favorite traveling companions, and when you want to celebrate the connections of your life, either friends or family (or both!) with a getaway to Cape Cod, choosing one of our New England Vacation Rentals vacation homes for your shelter will ensure this Massachusetts journey will be one you never forget. Larger spaces and more rooms and bathrooms will give everyone the chance to hang out together all day and then retreat to their private spaces when night falls! This guide to the charms, the comforts, and the mesmerizing views available from our East Sandwich vacation homes will make it the decision of where to stay during your once in a lifetime vacation on Cape Cod one of the easiest decisions you have ever made!

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Stay Connected

Real life often interferes with family time, and socialization rarely takes place when you are trying to spend time with family, making the open concept floor plans in most of our East Sandwich sanctuaries most appreciated. Let dad watch the big game on the state-of-the-art television in the living room, while mom sips coffee and chats with her teenage daughter she rarely gets to see at the dining room table and the youngest son scrounges in the refrigerator for a snack. (Why are boys always hungry?) These moments may not seem like something special when you read them on a page, but when you are in the midst of experiencing them for real, they are the moments you will hold close to your heart forevermore! On Cape Cod, life is simple. We work hard, play hard, and love fiercely, and our New England Vacation Rentals family havens allow travelers to follow suit. We aren’t big on fancy, but we sure do love our comforts, and the sofas in the living rooms will be plush, the beds in the bedrooms will offer the right amount of bounce, and all the modern conveniences that make travel so much easier will be supplied! And whether you are sitting by a roaring fire on a chilly summer’s night or sitting on a deck that overlooks the sea, (many of our East Sandwich escapes are located just off the beaches of town) the carefree vibe of Cape life will make it easy to wish you never had to leave.

Designed for You

The sea surrounds us and is reflected in the décor of our East Sandwich vacation homes, serving as a constant reminder of where you have landed during your vacation journey. Some homes may be subtle in their expressions of the ocean, showing up in the sea blue hues on walls and furnishings or in the lobster pots that are standard kitchen accessories in most every home on Cape Cod. Others leave subtlety at the door, filling the walls with sea themed art that can include schools of fish swimming between windows, signs that remind you that it is this way to the beach, or old fishing equipment repurposed as new art! Whichever style appeals to you most, you can find it as you scroll through the listings of homes available in East Sandwich. For many who visit, it is the sea views that mean the most and as they go into trance-like states peering through floor-to-ceiling windows or relax on back decks where the scents, sounds, and the sight of the ocean brings them peace and joy, life will be just about as perfect as it can be! And because we have lived around the water for a long time, we know the importance of extra seating, outdoor showers, and the gear you need for a day on the beach, which is why many of our properties will offer all of the above, helping you enjoy a getaway with friends, family, or a combination of both, to its full extent!

Playing in Sandwich

If you can tear yourself away from the views and comforts offered in our sweet sanctuaries, you will find that there is a lot to do in Sandwich! Every day doesn’t have to be a beach day unless you want them to be. Plan a visit to the Sandwich Glass Museum, where artists have been making colorful glass designs for centuries, or head over to the town’s oldest home, the Wing Fort House, and take a tour through history! Shopping at Painted Daisies, dining on the patio of Fisherman’s View Seafood Market & Restaurant, or whale watching from aboard a local boat—all these adventures will be made that much sweeter when you get to head home to our East Sandwich vacation homes at the end of your day! Reserve your favorite property today.