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As you start planning your Cape Cod getaway, the first thing on your vacation to do list, after choosing your destination, is finding the home that will shelter you during your adventures. Everyone has a different idea as to what constitutes the perfect short-term rental, but we at New England Vacation Rentals think we have managed to corner the market on fun, comfort, and style, ensuring that no matter what you are looking for, you will find it right here under the big green banner! Making memories is our specialty, and keeping travelers comfortable is our number one concern, so as you browse through the cottages and homes we offer in East Sandwich, remember that the only difference between what you see on the page and what you will actually receive is that the reality will be even better. This guide to our East Sandwich short-term rentals will make you eager to begin crossing off the days until the fun and excitement begin!

Check Out Our Selection of East Sandwich Rentals Below

Ocean View
Private Beach Access
Walk to beach (.5 or less)
Waterfront (Lake/Pond/River)
Walk to town (.5 or less)
Bike Trail (.5 or less)

Central Air Conditioning
Slimline A/C - ductless
A/C Units
Heat (for off season)
Linens Included
Fully Fenced Yard

Private Pool
Community Pool
Private Hot Tub

Dog Friendly

On Special

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Central AC

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Which Way to the Beach?

The best thing about the cottages and homes we offer in East Sandwich is the realization that all the rentals will either be on the beach or will be located within walking distance of the main reason you are visiting, ensuring that this getaway will be filled with all the peace and tranquility that beach life brings to all who visit. Choose a property in which the backyard IS the beach and never have to let the sea out of sight; every day will begin and end with the sounds, scents, and sight of that massive and gorgeous body of water! Start each morning with a muffin from Café Riverview (451 MA-6A) and coffee from the coffeemaker in your fully equipped kitchen; enjoy them at the dining table that looks out over the beach that is in your backyard. Staking your claim on a portion of the sand is easy when all you have to do is walk out a few yards and set up the beach gear that often is included with your short-term rental. And sunset walks on the beach will fill your heart with joy and awe as the sky catches fire above, perhaps as your littles run ahead of you, laughing as thy startle the seabirds pecking around the sand for food. These moments will be the memories you will cherish forever! After the evening’s festivities have ended and the kiddos are dreaming happily in their bedroom down the hall, sitting out on the back deck in comfortable chairs that look out over the sea, the marshes, and the stunning landscape, the paradise that is Cape Cod will become a part of your soul.

More than the Beach

Of course, as wonderful as the beach is, it doesn’t give you shelter on a windy night, provide protection from the rain, or give you a premium mattress on which you can sleep deeply and happily, but our East Sandwich short-term rentals do all of that and more! Living rooms are the family gathering spots where books can be read, television shows can be watched, and more than likely, long naps will take place on plush sofas positioned to enjoy the heat from the fireplace, the view of the television, and the views visible from walls of windows.
Dining rooms serve as multipurpose spaces, being the rooms where meals will be devoured, coffee will be sipped, and puzzled will be a work in progress. Our spacious and modern kitchens are cheerful spaces, equipped with all the necessary appliances you need to create a family feast, keep the caffeine needs of your family met, and upon occasion, will feature blenders that are perfect for concocting tropical beverages that complement your lazy fun-filled beach days to a tee! Outdoor showers will keep the sand outside where it belongs, and soaking tubs will give moms that extra boost of serenity when she gets the opportunity to submerge herself in fragrant waters, sipping a glass of chardonnay, while reading a good book or scrolling through her favorite social media sites. Not every cottage offers this type of tub, so be sure to examine the details closely if this amenity seems to be one you want!

History and Charm

Sandwich is one of the oldest settled communities, and the history that is such a vital part of our hometown is apparent at every turn. Stop in the Nye Museum, 85 Old Country Road, and get a firsthand glimpse of what life on Cape Cod was like centuries ago. There is always something wonderful to do in East Sandwich, and when you get to come home every evening to our warm and welcoming East Sandwich short-term rentals, your vacation will shine even brighter! Reserve your favorite escape with us today.