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We all have differing ideas as to what the perfect vacation looks like. Some of us prefer the glitz and glamour of the big city, wanting to be where the lights are brightest and the cultural life reigns supreme, while others prefer the simpler qualities of vacation life. This latter group finds magic in small moments, such as the sight of children giggling while building sandcastles at shore’s edge, the way the sky turns to fire before the sun drops like a big golden ball into the sea, and the charms found inside a New England cottage on Cape Cod. Plush furnishings, that perfect chair for reading in, a deep tub for soaking in, and a fire on a chilly summer night—these are just a few of the things that will make a Cape Cod getaway shine as bright as the North Star, and when you choose one of our New England Vacation Rentals East Sandwich cottage rentals to make your own during your fabulous escape to the Cape, there is so much more you will find to love! The beauty of Cape Cod will burrow its way into your heart and the charm and comforts found in our classic New England cottages will speak to your soul. This guide to everything that makes our East Sandwich cottage rentals your vacation dream home come true will soon have you clamoring to book your stay!

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Big Impact

As a lover of all things natural, you understand that the smaller moments in life often have the largest impact on your soul. The way your child’s cheek turn rosy in their sleep, the goofy smile on the face of your family pet, even the way the moonlight gives the landscape a cool and mystical glow. These are all the little things that can make your more intimately scaled vacation on Cape Cod feel special, and because your family is smaller, a cozy cottage on the beach may be all you need. Our cottages range in size from 1-bedroom, 1-bath all the way up to a 4-bedroom, 4-bath family escape, and no matter which one you choose, the shared traits of comfort, style, and welcoming will make you and your favorite traveling companions feel right at home.

You may be wondering what the difference is between a house and a cottage, and although there are many correct answers, the one that feels most right to us is this: A cottage may look like a house, but it will always feel like a home. Most of our East Sandwich cottages offer the typical clapboard siding, some new and fresh, still offering the scent of fresh cut wood, others weathered and gray, proving they can stand tall against the storms, the salt scented ocean air, and whatever else Mother Nature and humankind have to throw their way! You will feel their strength when you step inside for the first time, and the sense of welcoming will make you never want to leave again.

Tongue and groove ceilings may reflect the wood of the floors beneath, floors that create a path to rooms that charm. Living rooms may offer a quilted throw tossed against the back of a plush sofa and a fireplace of gas or wood, ensuring that your time in these spaces will be warm and cozy. Televisions provide extra entertainment, but chances are you will rarely turn them on, there will be so many other things to enjoy and explore. When was the last time you sat with a book and a beverage, reading the day away, only stopping to turn on the lights when natural light dies and when you have devoured the final words on its pages? Some of our cottages will provide bookshelves loaded with books, movies, and even board games, giving guests the opportunity to play as they don’t often get the chance for back at home!

Dining rooms in the smaller cottages may be tucked away in a corner, but there will be enough seats for every seat in your traveling party, and many evenings of your carefree visit to Cape Cod may be spent playing board games on its surface. Preparing a family meal in fully equipped kitchens brings joy to the nurturers, and barbecue grills on the back deck (Perhaps a deck that overlooks the sandy beaches of East Sandwich?) will give the chief griller in your family the opportunity to do what he or she does best. Grilling a fish you caught yourself is one of those small moments that offer a big impact as you feed the family you love so much!

Speaking of the beach, it is never far from your heart or your hearth, as a majority of our East Sandwich havens are located on sandy shores or within walking distance! Sea themed décor ensures that even when the sea is out of sight, it is never out of mind, and the cottage you choose may offer schools of aluminum fish swimming overhead, cute signs that remind you it is “This Way to the Beach,” and to “Keep Your Toes in the Sand,” as beach-hued colors calm your mind and quiet your soul! Start your morning with a cup of coffee in hand as you walk along shore’s edge, watching the sky lighten as the sun rises higher, and end every day with a glass of wine and a seat on the deck behind your cottage, watching the morning’s show play in reverse!

At night, open windows may let in sea breezes as the song of waves crashing against the beach provides a lullaby that will help ease the transition between sleep and awake. Sleep deep on comfortable beds while dreams of sailboats, seashells, and sunshine keep you entertained and happy every night of your stay! Our cottages located in the heart of East Sandwich are destined to bring you peace, tranquility, and a carefree vibe that you will want to hold onto forever.

Exploring East Sandwich

Sandwich may be one of the oldest settlements on Cape Cod, but it is its picturesque setting and stunning views that will make it feel like home for travelers. Charming cottages dot the sea shore, just as charming shops dot the streets of town. Stop in Titcomb’s Bookshop (432 MA-6A) to discover three stories of books and games just waiting to be explored and try to leave without buying something—we know you can’t! The stairs creak, the shelves reach the ceiling, and the smell of old books and crazy adventures will win your heart at this classic booksellers’ shop. Pick up a gift for the person who is watering your plants, gathering your mail, or housing your sweetest pup at The Spotted Cod, 153 Main Street, and really show how grateful you are to them for their help. And at the end of the day, when you are looking for a great seafood dinner prepared by someone else, but you aren’t willing to skip the beach views, a visit to the Pilot House Restaurant & Lounge, 14 Gallo Road, will check off all your boxes!

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