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Every vacation deserves to be one that brings excitement, adventure, and relaxation to the experience, and a Cape Cod vacation spent in Dennisport (a village that is a part of the town of Dennis) brings all that and more. Cape Cod and our nation have been intertwined since before our country became an independent nation, and every step you take you will be walking in the footsteps of our ancestors who bravely fought for our freedom. Dennis was also where cultivation of cranberries began, with the discovery of wild cranberry plants and the discovery that by covering the berries with sand, growers can grow cranberries that are larger and more plentiful. Today, cranberry bogs can be found in multiple spots on Cape Cod. It’s the warmth and welcoming of our Dennisport vacation homes, however, that may have been what drew you to our idyllic hometown, and today, we would like to take a few minutes to discuss with you the comfortable vacation experience you can enjoy when you choose one for your Cape Cod sanctuary.

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A sense of hospitality isn’t something all vacation homes offer, but our charming Dennisport cottages for rent aren’t like any others! From your first peek at their classic New England exteriors to the final, sad moments when you glance back longingly over your shoulder to say goodbye, you, your family, your friends will feel the welcoming that signifies you have come home. Step through the front door into spaces that are filled with light and warmth, and don’t be surprised if you instantly feel any remaining traveling stresses drop from your shoulders. Every property we offer is different than the one before, and maybe it is a cozy condo overlooking that will offer your dream escape.

Wood floors leading to rooms filled with simple treasures, walls of windows that never let you forget the serenity of the sea is just beyond, and modern conveniences that allow guests to cook a meal, soak in deep tubs with a glass of wine and music playing softly in the background, or engage in movie marathons on chilly Cape Cod nights. Wood is the most common flooring choice in our homes and condos, polished to a golden glow and softened with colorful throw rugs doing their part to delineate specific areas in the open concept floor plans.

Living rooms offer fireplaces and televisions, sitting areas have bookshelves lined with books, and dining rooms are where the family will gather while dining, playing games, or simply relaxing with a cup of coffee and those stunning views. Fully equipped kitchens somehow manage to stay peaceful and serene even as guests are creating family meals. Updated appliances, custom cabinets, and all the small appliances you need to ensure you stay properly caffeinated offer up a feel that is all heart and home. Start each day with a mug of coffee enjoyed outdoors on picnic tables while the sun rises, bringing the world to life, and end each evening in the same spot, perhaps switching coffee for wine or beer, watching the sky light up in a kaleidoscope of fiery colors as the sun sets in the sea. Gas grills can be used to prepare fresh fish you caught yourself, and patio tables and chairs encourage guests to enjoy meals outside. Some of our larger Dennisport sanctuaries may offer crystal-clear pools, perfect for lazing around on a hot summer day with the kids and the spouse while others may offer firepits surrounded by brightly painted Adirondack chairs.

After the sun has set, gathering around the fire with marshmallows stuck to the end of pointy sticks is destined to be a highlight of a getaway filled with many such moments. Ghost stories will be told in this spot, family memories will be rehashed amidst laughter and squeals, and when the littles fall asleep in their spot, dad will get to play the hero, carrying their tiny bodies to the rooms they have chosen as their own! The best vacations are those in which the entire family can participate, and our pet friendly Dennisport escapes allow your furriest children to come along for the fun at an additional fee. Offering fenced-in backyards for your fur baby’s safety and convenience, the interiors of these havens are just as nice and comfortable as our non-pet friendly ones, even as other vacation rental companies offer properties that are less than stellar for families with pets.

Attention to Detail in Dennisport Vacation Homes

Our goal at New England Vacation Rentals is to provide our guests with the most comfortable vacation experiences, and we accomplish that with our attention to detail. The big things are important, of course, and our appliances will be updated, and bathroom fixtures will be modern and in excellent condition, but it’s the smaller details, the things you only notice when they don’t work the way they should, that will take your Cape Cod vacation to the next level of wonderful! Remotes will have batteries that work, towels will be soft and fluffy, and if our homes offer space for eight guests, there will be enough dishes, silverware, and glassware for at least that many people. Bookshelves may offer books for guests to read, movies for guests to watch, and games to be played on the dining room tables of our home sweet vacation homes. And because we understand that not all vacationers are able to stay out of the office, high-speed internet will help virtual meetings stay practically glitch free! Laundry rooms or laundry closets are included in most Dennisport cottages for rent, and our beach escapes will often include beach gear so that travelers don’t have to pack their own.

The Ultimate Luxury

New Englanders are often simple folk, not needing a lot of fancy luxuries to make us happy, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to spoil our guests with the extras in life that make travel easier. One of the biggest luxuries we offer, however, is that of a truly excellent night’s sleep! Shut the door to the troubles of the world when you retreat to the bedrooms of our Dennisport vacation homes every night and take a minute to let the serenity of the rooms sink into your soul. En suite baths may offer multiple shower heads or deep soaking tubs, helping to ease the transition from wide awake to pleasantly sleepy, and televisions in many of our bedrooms can help as well. You’ll find large bedrooms with views of the sea, small bedrooms with bunk beds for the kids’ enjoyment, and all sizes in between; each bed is topped with cloud-soft mattresses that you won’t be able to wait to climb into every night of your stay. Waking up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for a new day of Cape Cod adventures is yet another luxury you never knew you needed!

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However you fill your daylight hours during your explorations of Dennisport on Cape Cod, coming home every night to the comforts and luxuries found in our New England Vacation Rentals homes away from home will be the highlight of your getaway!