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As you browse through our website, you may discover that many of our vacation rentals are located in the town of Chatham, and although we have no favorites, we will admit to having a soft spot for this picturesque and idyllic fishing village. Life moves at a slower pace in Chatham, and no one is in much of a hurry; whatever needs to be done will be done—eventually! The people may smile more, and the boats bobbing in the water provide a photo op at every turn, making our Chatham MA homes some of the most desired on Cape Cod. Take a look for yourself if you don’t believe us!

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Chatham is About Family

Your family is important to us, and the Chatham rental homes reflect that in every way. Ranging in size from the smallest one bedroom to the largest nine-bedroom home, our homes are perfect for your needs, no matter how large or small your family may be. Our pet friendly Artist Cottage, for example, is a charming place for a young couple to recover the romance that has waned after the birth of their first child. Cheerful flowers grow up the sides of the clapboard exterior, stone paths break up the green blanket of grass, and a white picket fence warmly welcomes you to open the gate and come inside.

Family reunions spent in the Priscilla Chatham MA home will be happily remembered for decades to come. 9 bedrooms and space to sleep up to 20 allows for a communal experience most never experience! Built of wood, covered in weathered clapboard, and surrounded by a whimsical white picket fence, the Priscilla house exterior only hints as to the wonders that lie inside. Original wood floors, granite countertops, high end appliances, and multiple living areas make this home special—something you will grow to expect from a NEVR homes for rent in Chatham MA!

Out and About in Chatham

Spending time in the town of Chatham away from your homes for rent in Chatham MA is no chore; everywhere you turn, you find something new, something exciting, something darling that is just begging to be purchased and brought home as a reminder of your sojourn on the Cape! Enjoy shopping in charming boutiques, exploring historical sites, or simply walking along the waters edge at Harding’s Beach. Family adventures made even better simply by occurring on Cape Cod.

Explore Beautiful Chatham Lighthouse Beach

One of the most beautiful sights in all of Chatham that begs to be is Lighthouse Beach. Located just half a mile from downtown, Lighthouse Beach is home to Chatham Light, a still active lighthouse maintained by the US Coast Guard that aids in the navigation of Chatham waters. This area is perfect for those looking to take a romantic stroll on the beach and experience the crystal-clear waters of the cape, or even potentially visit the lighthouse during the summer months for free!

Atwood House & Museum

Home of the Chatham Historical Society for almost a century now, the Atwood House & Museum is a must stop if you decide to spend your vacation in Chatham. First founded in 1926 in a small home built by Captain Joseph Atwood, the museum’s popularity and exhibits quickly exploded in number and size with one goal in mind: to preserve the records and objects related to the history of Chatham.

Today, the museum looks unrecognizable from its humble beginnings and features a wide variety of galleries and exhibits that give visitors an incredible understanding of the history and an appreciation of the rich tradition of the Chatham area. Visit exhibits such the Joseph C. Lincoln Gallery, which highlights many of the 50+ plus works of the bestselling author that were written right here on Cape Cod! Or how about the Atkins-Kent Gallery, which highlights the Pendleton Disaster and the brave story of the four-man Coast Guard crew that saved a crew of 32 from a sinking tank vessel?

These are just a few of the wonderful exhibits in store for you and your family, and we highly recommend checking out everything at the Atwood House & Museum the next time you’re in town!

Chatham Shark Center

The Chatham Shark Center is the best place on Cape Cod to learn about a species of animal that has been hunting the waters of Cape Cod long before it was settled or even became a popular tourist destination: the shark! At the Chatham Shark Center, they aim to both educate and promote safety by giving in-depth looks at one of the ocean’s most majestic and misunderstood species, and do so through interactive exhibits, displays, VR experiences, and more! If you visit the Chatham Shark Center, you are in for a day of exhilarating fun and excitement, and it has truly become one of the hot tourist spots in all of Chatham.

NEVR is the Right Choice for Your Chatham rental homes

And Chatham is bound to be the right place to stay during your once-in-a-lifetime Cape Cod vacation. Reserve your Cape escape today! If you’re coming by yourself or you’re looking for a smaller place to stay in, check out our studio rentals on Cape Cod!