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There are many choice locations for renting vacation homes on Cape Cod, which offers 15 towns, each with their own villages and personalities that are distinctively unique. Barnstable, the largest town on the cape, offers seven charming and historic villages, including today’s topic of discussion, Centerville. This quiet village, originally settled by the Wampanoag people for centuries, garnered the interest of English colonists, our ancestors, in 1648, over a century before we became an independent nation. Today, Centerville—as it has been known since the 1800s—is a family friendly community, famous for its beautiful beaches and charming homes, and our New England Vacation Rentals vacation homes are an integral part of its community! Offering the opportunity to relax and recharge, making yourself at home in our Centerville homes for rent will make you feel like a genuine resident of Cape Cod, and this guide to their charms, luxuries, and all the things that make each house special will give you a better idea as to which soft place you should land during your unforgettable Massachusetts getaway.

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Stress Be Gone

Real life can be so stressful, as we struggle to manage that work/home balance, but in Centerville, it will be all relaxation and lack of stress. Step into spaces that are warm and welcoming and begin your tour of the home that will be your sanctuary. Offering a variety of bedrooms, depending on the particular home you choose, these Centerville houses for rent are built to spoil all who reside within.

The open concept floor plan isn’t as common on Cape Cod as it is in other places, and many of our homes will contain separate rooms for each designated activity, and our living rooms are where we will start this tour. Wood floors are the most common flooring on the Cape, but some will offer tile or even carpet, and most spaces will be centered around a fireplace. Even in the summer months, Centerville can get chilly at night, but you, your family, and/or friends will stay warm and cozy as you hang out on plush sofas, watching state-of-the-art televisions or reading quietly in comfortable chairs placed where the lighting is best. Just as in your own home, the living room is designed to be the chief hang out zone, and as kids play games on their phones, parents read or watch the big game on television, and friends laugh uproariously over stories of their past, the memories created in these rooms will be ones that last a lifetime.

The dining areas of our Centerville homes for rent offer yet another space to relax and chill, providing more than just a space to eat meals. Many of our properties will be stocked with the board games you remember from your youth, and when you start opening the boards, passing out money, and choosing your personal silver token of the Monopoly game, we think even the youngest generation will forget about the excitement of their handheld electronic games! The dining room tables may be open to the kitchen and may provide large windows that look out onto the backyard of your home sweet vacation home, and starting each day with a cup of coffee (brewed just steps away) and a few quiet moments before the storm that is the rest of your family rising, promises to give you the strength you need for long days of beach fun and Cape Cod explorations.

It’s the kitchens of our Centerville havens, however, that will serve as the heart of the home, offering peace, respite, and delicious tastes and aromas to all who step inside their boundaries. Cheerful rooms providing everything a traveler needs to create a meal, (Minus the food itself; you can shop for those at local stores and farmers markets.) large breakfast bars, updated appliances, and the traditional window located over the sink, looking out onto the grassy backyards complete the picture of the ideal family kitchen! Many of our properties include blenders and lobster pots, but not all, so if either or both of those are important to you, be sure to read through the listing closely!

Relaxation Beckons in Centerville Homes for Rent

The best part of any vacation is having the opportunity to really relax and play, and our Centerville vacation homes offer an abundance of ways to do both! Large yards anchored by swimming pools and hot tubs, game rooms (or game spaces) filled with a selection of gaming tables, and kayaks left for the use of our guests can be found in your vacation escape. Barbecue grills invite families to enjoy time outdoors as much as they do indoors, and patio tables are destined to be where the best meals are devoured—especially when enjoyed at sunset! If you have never gathered around a firepit on a dark night before, our properties with firepits invite you to do so, and as you roast marshmallows under the dark sky, you may discover a sense of peace you never realized could exist.

Inside, there are multiple places to sit and relax—perhaps a cushioned bench tucked away in a spare corner, an overstuffed chair perched near the fireplace, or a couple of cushioned chairs in primary bedrooms, offering quiet moments that will never be forgotten. At night, everyone can retreat to serene bedrooms, shutting the doors to the outside world and sliding into deep sleep and happy dreams. Pull the curtains shut before climbing into bed, and sleep as late as you want, knowing there will be no rude alarm clocks waking you in the morning! Spacious baths with walk-in showers, deep tubs, and fluffy towels will give guests the feeling of being spoiled and pampered, and with some of our larger Centerville houses for rent providing as many as four bathrooms for your convenience, morning traffic jams will be limited for bigger traveling groups.

All the Modern Conveniences

Our Centerville escapes are not rustic cabins isolated from the rest of the world and offering very little in the manner of amenities; they provide guests with all the modern conveniences that make life special! High-speed internet, cable access or Smart televisions, gas fireplaces, and central air conditioning are just a few examples that will prove our commitment to your comfort. Some properties may offer desk areas that are tucked away in quiet corners, letting hard-working travelers sit in on virtual meetings, something that is especially important for those who work from home. Home doesn’t always have to be the address on your driver’s license, and when you choose New England Vacation Rentals, it can easily be located right here on Cape Cod, one of the most magical places on earth! Pools may be heated, keyless entry ensures you don’t have to worry about losing a key, and welcome starter bags will allow guests to enjoy their first evening in town without having to run straight out to the grocery store for supplies. Everything you need to enjoy the best vacation of your life will be found right here in our Centerville sanctuaries. Reserve your favorite property today!