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There are people in our lives that seem to thrive on being surrounded by friends, family, and strangers that will soon become friends or even honorary family members. They never seem to be alone, and when it comes time for vacation, they don’t see why that should change, bringing along the gang while wholeheartedly believing that more really IS merrier. If that person we are describing is you, and your vacation journey is bringing you to the shores of Sagamore Beach, this guide to our New England Vacation Rentals 5-bedroom escapes will enable you to enjoy a vacation filled with fun, comfort, and all the space you need!

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Ocean View
Private Beach Access
Walk to beach (.5 or less)
Waterfront (Lake/Pond/River)
Walk to town (.5 or less)
Bike Trail (.5 or less)

Central Air Conditioning
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Heat (for off season)
Linens Included
Fully Fenced Yard

Private Pool
Community Pool
Private Hot Tub

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More Than a Cottage

More than a cottage, our 5-bedroom dream houses are built to handle the demands of larger crowds, and as Sagamore Beach is more beach than landscape, are located on shores of the sea. Offering sandy beaches for backyards, these rambling spaces are cheerful, serene, and welcoming, offering hidden nooks and crannies that ensure that even those who love people the most will always have a spot for the rare moments when they seek privacy. Step into spaces where light streams through large windows offering views that will take your breath away and discover that comfort and fun can often run hand in hand. Large living rooms offer the smaller luxuries including cozy blankets and ottomans placed in front of overstuffed chairs and dining room tables are often surrounded by cushioned chairs, inviting guests to extend their fun a little longer. Bedrooms are havens of peace and quiet, and because there are so many, provide a spot where happy travelers can retreat to after long days of vacation fun.

At Home in Sagamore Beach

Chances are you will spend a lot of your vacation days on Cape Cod hanging out at the beach and exploring the historical sites that interest and amaze, but be sure to set aside some time to just hang out at home during your stay. Hang out in sunrooms where bookshelves are filled with books and games, encouraging you to relax and read (or play) for hours on end. Binge watch your favorite summer movies on state-of-the-art televisions while sipping your favorite beverages (hot cocoa on chilly nights, cold beer or wine on warm ones) and falling asleep before the end of the show. Build puzzles with the family, standing together at odd moments seeking the right spot for the right pieces, playing board games while the rain falls on a stormy summer night, gathering round firepits as the stars twinkle brightly in the sky and the waves crash against sandy shores just a short distance from the backyard you have made your own. Barbecues with your friends who have become family; our homes, much like your own offer multiple ways to play, relax, and enjoy.

Function and Form

In a world where work from home doesn’t have to mean from your OWN home, wireless internet make virtual meetings easy to accomplish and our larger escapes will even offer areas set up with desks in hidden corners for those who are mixing business with pleasure. We get that eating out every meal can be prohibitively expensive, especially when you are traveling with a large group, and our fully equipped kitchens will take the chores out of meal prep making it simple and more importantly fun. Laundry rooms or closets are handy to have when clothing emergencies take place, and a large number of bathrooms (generally there will be three or more) help keep morning traffic jams at bay when everyone is trying to get ready at the same time. Finally, outdoor showers are popular in beach houses, helping keep all those fine granules of sand outside where they belong, something moms will be happy to know we offer.

Why Choose Sagamore Beach?

The personality of each of the villages and towns that make up Cape Cod are as unique and special as the people who live there and Sagamore Beach offers that feeling of family that we often search for. This is where families enjoy bonfires on the beaches, visits to the parks, and where dads introduce sons to the time-honored tradition of going to a barber shop for a haircut, and later, maybe a shave. Antique stores are filled with treasures that could go as far back as the early days of our nation, even as Sagamore Beach is one of Cape Cod’s newest towns, formed when Bourne was separated from Sandwich. All of these are perfectly valid reasons for choosing Sagamore Beach as your vacation destination, but perhaps, the best reason of all will be because our New England Vacation Rentals 5-bedroom rentals are the most comfortable in the village. Choose your favorite escape today!