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It was just a short time ago that travel was forbidden and the world was quarantined within their own homes and as our freedoms return, so do the urges to spend as much time with our family and friends as possible. Our New England Vacation Rentals 4-bedroom Sagamore Beach Rentals offer the space for as many as 10 people to coexist in peace and harmony (depending on the rental you choose) giving you, your family, and your friends, the opportunity to discover that the more people you vacation with the merrier you will all be. This guide to all the fun and comfort our 4-bedroom escapes provide will give you a little something to look forward to in the weeks that lead up to your Cape Cod getaway.

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Fun and Comfort Begins and Ends with New England Vacation Rentals

Cape Cod is one of the top vacation destinations in the world and as such you can expect that there will be a large variety of vacation rental companies to choose from, but New England Vacation Rentals stands out in that crowd. Our 4-bedroom rentals—really, ALL our rentals—offer the comfort you crave and the fun you need, providing spacious rooms filled with light, comfortable furnishings, and many different ways to play and relax. Most of our Sagamore Beach rentals will be on or very near the golden sand beaches that bring serenity and joy to vacationers, ensuring that even when you are at home, the magic of the sea will be close to your heart. Wake up every morning in salt air, with the sounds of the ocean adding rhythm to your days and fall asleep feeling peacefully exhausted and ready for the happy dreams found in our tranquil bedrooms. The in-between moments will be filled with fun and excitement and the sincere wish the good times never had to end.

Space for All

The spaces inside our 4-bedroom homes provide all the space you need for your large group to hang out together while also offering the room you need to retreat to when it gets too people-y. Our living rooms will offer multiple seating options, sofas, loveseats, overstuffed chairs that readers will curl up in, perhaps falling asleep before reaching the end of the chapter. Dining rooms will be anchored by large tables surrounded with enough seats for every seat in your traveling party and many kitchens will provide breakfast bars with barstools cozied up against the stone counters, offering overflow seating or a casual spot to enjoy a bowl of cereal before heading out to the beach. The bedrooms, however, are where our space creating skills really shine, anchored by beds of all sizes and often including a bunk room where siblings, cousins, and newly discovered friends can deepen and build bonds as they giggle, share secrets, and converse late into the night.

Surprises Around Every Corner

Obviously, every property we feature in Sagamore Beach differs from the other, even as their clapboard sided exteriors may look very much the same. All will, however, provide a sense of welcoming, a simple beauty, and all the modern conveniences that make travel fun, including updated appliances, state-of-the-art televisions, and wireless internet. Some spaces may provide hidden nooks furnished with comfy chairs that invite quiet conversations or cozy hours spent reading the books that may line the shelves of the sanctuary. Other spaces may proffer game rooms with gaming tables, board games, and occasionally a video game console that will be the most popular room in the house. And most will offer back patios lined with lounge chairs and outdoor tables, gas grills, and views of the ocean that will make you wish you never had to leave. Barbecues with family while the waves crash against the sandy shores just beyond and when the sun falls into the ocean in a fiery ball of beauty, firepits surrounded by chairs will allow the party to continue on into the night.

Everything You Need

Would your vacation be as exceptional if you had to purchase wine glasses and a corkscrew to go along with your bottle of wine or if the television remote’s batteries weren’t working? Of course it would, because you’re on Cape Cod which is as close to paradise as can be, and you don’t sweat the small stuff, but when you choose New England Vacation Rentals, you aren’t forced to make that choice. Kitchens will be fully equipped with everything you need to create a meal, beach gear may be found in a closet ready to be used at a moment’s notice, and washers and dryers will be available for any clothing emergencies that may arise! Reserve your favorite 4-bedroom rental today and discover the beauty of Cape Cod from the most comfortable spots in town.