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It can be hard to believe that it wasn’t all that long ago when traveling families would live in a single hotel room during their entire vacation. Sharing a bath, beds, and being forced to eat out every meal was par for the course in those days, making us appreciate the luxury of space and the joy of kitchens today. And when your vacation journey takes you to the village of Sagamore Beach on Cape Cod, our New England Vacation Rentals 3-bedroom rentals promise to be the haven you deserve; this guide will show you everything that you need to know!

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Ocean View
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Walk to town (.5 or less)
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Heat (for off season)
Linens Included
Fully Fenced Yard

Private Pool
Community Pool
Private Hot Tub

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Welcome Families

Sagamore Beach is not an ordinary beach town, rather, it is like a neighborhood full of families and friends that just happens to offer a beautiful beach as its playground, and our 3 bedroom rentals reflect this family vibe. Don’t get us wrong, however, EVERYONE is welcome to enjoy the quiet comforts and joyful serenity of these comfortable abodes, and if you are a group of friends, a gathering of coworkers, or even a couple who just likes their space, these seaside cottages will make you feel right at home as well. We just know how difficult it can be for families traveling with kids to find a space that welcomes your tiniest travelers and we want everyone to know that children (and in some cases, pets) are happily included in our invitation to stay with us.

Comfort You Crave

After a long cross country journey, often spent in the cramped confines of an airplane whose seats and aisles keep getting smaller, you and your family will be more than ready to spread out and get comfortable and our beautiful cottages are up to the challenge. Living rooms offer the comfy couches that make you want to take a nap on a lazy afternoon, especially if it’s a cool one and the sofa lies opposite a roaring fire. Dining rooms offer padded chairs that will feel comfortable no matter how long you sit and because family fun often includes playing board games for hours into the night, you could be sitting there for quite a while. And our bedrooms? These are spaces where comfort is king, offering premium mattresses that will feel as you are sleeping on the clouds. And because only happy dreams are allowed past the thresholds of these serene rooms, waking up feeling refreshed, not anxious, and recharged, not drained, will be an experience you will never forget.

Modern Conveniences You Will Love

Today, we as travelers, want more, and more is what New England Vacation Rentals provides. The modern conveniences that just make life more enjoyable, include wireless internet, state of the art televisions, and appliances that will make it easy to create a family meal. Stream your favorite music as you soak in deep tubs before going to bed each night, never have to carry a key with you because most if not all properties offer keyless entry, and because frosty margaritas always go with a sunset over the beach, you will probably find a blender tucked away in the cabinets of your home sweet vacation home. Additionally, because summers can be hot, air conditioning will ensure that your sleep stays cool and comfortable. Experts say that for optimal sleep your room temperature should be between 60 and 68 degrees, so go ahead and turn that thermostat down a notch or two.

Entertainment Matters

When the beach is your backyard, you will always have something to do, but our 3-bedroom rentals provide more than a beach playground. Back patios with outdoor furniture and gas grills entice vacationers to enjoy a barbecue of fresh caught fish while you boil lobster in the lobster pots found under the kitchen counters. Some homes may feature ping pong or pool tables, giving traveling parents the opportunity to remind their kiddos that yes, they did have a life before children and they rocked the pool cue back in the day. Shelves lined with books, games, and movies will make rainy days relaxing and chill, and although the home you chose may not provide gaming consoles, if you pack and bring your own it will hook up to our thoroughly modern televisions for hours of gaming fun!

Find Your Joy with New England Vacation Rentals

The joy in a family vacation on Cape Cod is multiplied when you spend your down time in our Sagamore Beach 3-bedroom rentals. Relaxing, peaceful, and designed to be an integral part of your vacation experience, every moment may feel as if your vacation dreams are coming true. You have probably seen Hollywood’s stylized versions of what a Cape Cod vacation should be and we at New England Vacation Rentals are here to tell you that the reality is even better! Reserve your favorite property with us today.