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We think 2023 should be declared the year of family, and when you start the year out with a fabulous family vacation to Cape Cod, you are setting a precedence for every day in the year ahead! Our 2023 vacation homes on Cape Cod are spacious, welcoming, and designed to give today’s travelers the family vacation of their dreams, ensuring that no matter what else happens in the next 12 months of your life, the first days will be ones spent making memories you will cherish forever! Scrap the resolutions that add negativity to your life and make your first resolution one that helps enforce the fact that your family is your top priority and fall in love with the excitement and tranquility of our Cape Cod vacation rental homes in the winter while you relax in comfort and style in our beautiful family homes! This guide to your first vacation of the year will make you realize that even if you aren’t able to take any other vacations, you crammed enough wonderful into this one to not even notice you aren’t visiting anyplace else. 

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2023 Vacation Homes On Cape Cod

Another resolution that we think everyone should make is one that says, “This is the year my comfort will come first!” Our homes will offer the first step in the right direction. Step into spaces that are bright and welcoming, and when you follow the floors that lead you to all the rooms in the house, your first impression will be one of wonder. Living rooms are large, offering not just sofas, chairs, and televisions, but most will feature a large fireplace, something that will be most enjoyed during these early days of the new year. Make your homemade hot cocoa in our fully equipped kitchens, pop some popcorn, and as the snow falls gently to the ground outside, spend many an evening laughing over the antics playing out on the big screen! Of course, if you want to spend a night unplugged, many of the shelves and cabinets in our family homes will offer a selection of board games that can be fun to play on a blanket spread out on the floor. The feeling of family, the beauty of the night, and the comfort in your surroundings will add a smile to your face that can never be erased! 

The dining rooms are where most of life’s important moments happen at home, and here on Cape Cod, the tradition will continue. These are the spots where your nearly grown son reveals his first-choice college, where your grown daughter will announce her engagement, and where dad jokes will be told! (Ok, the last one isn’t so momentous, but it is a regular part of life, and we can almost promise the jokes will be funnier when heard while gathering around our dining room tables!) Throw together a pot of soup in cheerful kitchens, perhaps “sharing” your wine with the ingredients in the pot. A sip for you, a splash for the soup, and a few more sips and splashes and your homemade concoction will be the favorite meal enjoyed in the early days of 2023! The older kids can help chop the veggies, bellying up to our breakfast bars to chop and chat, and your younger children will enjoy feeling like a part of the crowd. 

Entertainment matters, and while you will have plenty of fun during your explorations of the Cape, some of the happiest moments can take place in your New England Vacation Rentals vacation escape, especially in the homes that offer game rooms! Play a game of pool, show off your foosball skills, and maintain the title of Best Game Player Ever in fully equipped game rooms designed to give you all the fun you want without having to venture out. Outside is a winter wonderland that is best enjoyed from the depths of a bubbling hot tub, and many of our Cape cottages just happen to offer that beautiful amenity, often located on the back deck of our family homes. Sit and simmer as the steam rises to the clouds, and if you find yourself sticking out your tongue to catch a few snowflakes, all the better as anything that increases your joy during your incredible vacation is a good thing! 

Your Next Resolution

As we grow older, the things we used to take for granted suddenly don’t come as easily as they once did. A good stretch can throw you back out of alignment, a fan blowing on your neck can cause a crick to form, and sleep? We see how easily our children can fall fast asleep, one minute talking a million miles, a minute and the next, out like a log! But in our own beds or in the beds we are calling our own, sleep isn’t always such an easy thing to accomplish, and getting more rest is probably the next resolution you will make for 2023! Fortunately, our Cape escapes are designed to help you with the process, providing tranquil rooms in which your dreams will be happy, and your sleep will be deep and uninterrupted. Reflecting the beauty of Cape Cod, guests can shut the doors against the chaos of the world and sleep like you haven’t been able to since adult problems began to interfere. 

Some of our vacation homes will offer deep tubs in spacious baths, allowing you to soak, sip, and savor moments of peace before heading off to bed. With soft music playing in the background and a good book in your hand, these are the moments your mind will take you back to when angry bosses saying hurtful words and too many obligations cut into your relaxing times. Televisions in the bedrooms, padded headboards, and premium mattresses offer more restful moments, and if you want to read one more chapter or watch one more episode of your favorite streaming shows, it’s ok. You can sleep in as late as you like, pulling the curtains shut against the morning sun and awakening when you want, feeling rested, recharged, and renewed. Early risers, however, won’t have to rise that early to see a winter sunrise, as Mother Nature’s most beautiful show begins at 7 AM in the month of January. The promise of a new day shines bright every morning, enjoyed even more after a deep sleep, bringing visitors more moments of peace and happiness! And if 7 AM is too early to get up after reading or watching television into the wee hours of the morning, you get a second chance to watch nature at its finest when the sun sets over the sea in the early evening hours!  

Start 2023 Out the Right Way

A vacation to Cape Cod and a stay in our New England Vacation Rentals Cape escapes can be the start of a new tradition! Contact us today to reserve your favorite vacation home today and discover how your entire year can be improved simply by starting out with a vacation to Cape Cod and a stay in one of our stunning and welcoming Massachusetts family homes!