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Cape Cod is made up of a series of towns and villages, all providing their own unique personality to the region, and we at New England Vacation Rentals make sure to offer sanctuaries in as many of those towns as possible, including the village of Sagamore Beach. One of the nine villages of Bourne, the town reflects the charms of Cape Cod, offering pristine beaches and Scusset Beach State Reservation, a popular site that attracts visitors from all over the world. Today, however, we want to take a few minutes out of your busy day to discuss the charms, comforts, and beauty of our 2-bedroom Sagamore Beach sanctuaries, showing the possibilities that can be yours during your unforgettable escape to the Cape.

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This Way to the Beach

Small villages aren’t something to avoid during your visit to Cape Cod, as it means that every home is closer to the beach, and many of our 2-bedroom rentals happen to be oceanfront ones, ensuring that the water is always in view. Offering traditional New England cottage exteriors with clapboard siding and shingled roofs, guests often feel as if they are living a Hallmark movie existence, which is why these smaller cottages are so popular with newlyweds of all ages. Inside, brightly lit rooms welcome visitors, making each guest feel welcomed and at home, and offering a simplicity that adds to your vacation experience. Open concept floor plans aren’t as common in Massachusetts, but the rooms still manage to be open to each other, letting young lovers feel connected, even as they are doing their own thing. And from every window in the oceanfront escapes, the sights, scents, and the sounds of the sea provide a natural serenity that visitors will feel in their soul.

Make Yourself at Home

Our Sagamore Beach properties are built to be lived in, and as you hang out in front of state of the art televisions, sinking into the comforts of plush sofas and chairs, gather around the dining tables on a blustery night sharing secrets and dreams over another glass of wine, or putter around cozy kitchens fixing meals to be enjoyed inside or out, you will feel more and more as if you are exactly where you should be. Laundry rooms, or more likely laundry closets, ensure that travelers can travel light, saving room in their suitcases for the souvenirs they will collect during their Cape Cod adventures and bathrooms will offer updated fixtures and soft and fluffy towels that won’t feel scratchy against skin that is slightly sunburned.

Backyard Adventures

Your favorite moments, however, may be the ones enjoyed outside, where the backyard could be considered an extension of the sandy beaches of Sagamore Beach. Offering decks and patios that overlook the water, furnished with comfortable outdoor seating options and often featuring gas grills, we don’t blame you if you choose to spend more time out than in. Saturday barbecues can take place any day of the week because normal rules go out the window when you are at the beach. Bring your meals outside and fall in love all over again as the sun sets over the sea in a display of fire and color that, no matter how may pictures you take will only be able to be captured in your memories. Perhaps the property you choose to stay in will offer a firepit just waiting for guests to gather round, roast marshmallows, and reminisce over past vacations that somehow never shone as bright as this one will. Every property we offer is different from the other, there are no cookie cutter homes on Cape Cod, but these beachfront homes will all more than likely offer outdoor showers to ensure the sand stays outside where it belongs.

Sleep Well, Dream Happy

As you spend long days frolicking at the beach, playing at Scusset Beach State Reservation, or exploring the culinary options of this unique village, chances are each night you will be more than ready to climb into bed, falling asleep quickly from pure exhaustion. Our bedrooms capture the serenity of the sea, featuring premium beds topped with colorful quilts and blankets, ensuring that every night will be your best night’s sleep. Some rooms have televisions, enjoyed by guests who can’t fall asleep without catching up on their favorite shows and others will offer padded headboards, perfect for propping your head against as you read another chapter of that NY Times bestseller you may have borrowed from the shelves of cabinets in the living room spaces. All bedrooms are destined to be where sleep is deep, dreams are happy, and mornings are to be looked forward to instead of dreaded as they often are at home.

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