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cape-cod-canal-1972625_640This year, the Cape Cod Canal will be turning 103. This man-made waterway really has become an important part of our Cape Cod history, having first entered the minds of the Pilgrims as a more efficient trade route between Cape Cod and the mainland of Massachusetts. Discarded as an undertaking that would require more technology and people than existed at the time, the idea was shelved for a few hundred years. The canal finally became a reality in 1914, and today, the Cape Cod Canal is used by fishermen, tourists, nature lovers, and bicyclists who enjoy the bike path that goes along side it.

What to Do on Cape Cod Canal

Surfcasters the world over flock to the banks of the Cape Cod Canal, with stripers being the number one catch. Fishermen are divided into two basic categories: ones who think stripers are delicious and those who can’t be forced to take a single bite. But the one fact that draws them together? A day spent fishing is better than just about any other day!

The Cape Cod Rail Trail is a 22-mile bike path that follows the old rail line that was once the most important contribution to the Cape’s tourist industry and along either side of the Canal itself. Wide and paved, walkers, hikers, joggers, and bicyclists enjoy following the historic pathway and the scenery that surrounds the canal.

Cape Cod Canal Trivia

The completion of the canal changed the landscape of Cape Cod, officially turning it into an Island. But why change a perfectly good name? If you happen to be on Cape Cod during a storm, we will close the bridge over the canal when winds reach 75 mph. And finally, in case you are tested, the Cape Cod Canal is seven miles long. You never know when you may need this information, so keep it close at hand. We won’t quiz you, but we can’t guarantee that no one else will!

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