There are many wonderful places to visit in this world, but with all the traveling we have done over the years, we have found that very few places match up to what we have here on Martha’s Vineyard. We enjoy morning jogs with the sun at our backs, rising in a fiery ball of color. Long summer days are spent soaking up the rays of the sun as the ocean waters slap lazily against the sandy shores of the beach. Nights are spent warming ourselves with bonfires on those same beaches. This is how the best lives are lived right here on the best beaches on Martha’s Vineyard.

Lobsterville Beach, Aquinnah

The public beaches Martha’s Vineyard offers no public parking on Lobsterville Road, but is open to all visitors; it even has a seagull nesting area which is fascinating to everyone. Swimming, hiking, and fishing are all popular activities on this two mile stretch of beach.

Menemsha Public Beach, Chilmark

Like many public beaches on Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts, Gentle waters, clear blue skies, and the laughter of children frolicking at water’s edge makes this beach a favorite of the locals.

East Beach on Chappaquiddick

This example of Martha’s Vineyard beaches is also Cape Pogue Wildlife Refuge and Wasque Reservation, so the chances of you running into some of our local wildlife are pretty high. Chappaquiddick is a beautiful area, and we’d like to keep it that way, so be sure and follow the rules of the beach.

Lighthouse Beach, Edgartown

This is the beach that has been popularized by postcards over the decades. Tranquil, serene, and exquisitely beautiful, if you have never taken a family Christmas card photo, this is where you should start the new tradition!

Oak Bluffs Town Beach, Oak Bluffs

While many Massachusetts beaches can be rugged and harsh, the gentle waters of Oak Bluffs Town Beach make it a popular place for families to hang out and play. Spend a day building sand castles at water’s edge or snorkeling in the clear waters, watching the world under the sea unfold. If you’ve rented a SUP for your vacation, this is a good spot to improve your skills.

Each of the Beaches Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts is Unique & Special

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