The longer we live on Cape Cod, the more we realize how much everything is better here. Love a good old fashioned lobster boil? Cape Cod lobster boils will have your mouth watering for years to come! Enjoy spending romantic evenings strolling along moonlit beaches? It’s as if you’ve never even walked a beach until you’ve seen the moon rising over the lighthouses keeping watch over our beaches. THIS is where the romance is!

And finally, Napa Valley may lay claim to a plethora of vineyards and some mighty fine wines, but Cape Cod wineries – and their wines – have the sweetest grapes and the large personalities of wines from much larger and more “important” vineyards the world over. There’s just something magical about this unique island that you can’t find anywhere else, and the vineyards here produce big wines with even bigger tastes! Read further for more information on where to find wineries on Cape Cod on your unforgettable Cape Cod vacation. Our ever so helpful staff at New England Vacation Rentals have done the research, you just need to bring your corkscrew!

First Crush Winery

This newcomer to the bunch opened on the Cape with guns blazing and high reviews. Friendly, helpful, and delicious are just a few words used to describe the staff and their wine! Book a wine tasting tour for your bachelorette party, your birthday party, or just because you really like to drink good wine! For those of you who enjoy a good red wine, their 2012 Zinfandel blend won a gold medal at the Artisan Awards in San Francisco. This is one of the up and coming Cape Cod wineries for sure! Location: 527 Main Street, Harwich.

Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod

Truro got its start way back in 1991 and has led the way in producing superior wines on the island paradise that is Cape Cod. Their vineyard is a perfect spot for weddings; we really cannot imagine a more scenic background for saying your vows for those of you thinking about a destination wedding. They are also available for wine tastings, tours, and other special events. Become a member of their wine club (after sampling their wares, we think you will be quite eager to join!) and have up to six bottles delivered to your doorstep four times a year! For a unique treat, you must try the wines from their Lighthouse series, which features a red, white, and blue wine in bottles shaped like lighthouses! Location: 11 Shore Road Route 6A, North Truro.

Cape Cod Winery

Established in 1994 by an Italian family, the wines found here have long been compared to French and Italian wines of the highest caliber. Closed during the winter months, their online store is open year round and offers a glass with the Cape Cod Winery logo for a really good price! Order the glass online so you don’t have to worry about this great souvenir breaking if you try to carry it back home, and trust us, their cabernet is so delicious you are going to be thrilled to be able to order more when you run out! Location: 4 Oxbow Road, East Falmouth.

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