For such a comparatively small island, Cape Cod has many adventurous ways to explore its land and shores. Offering boat tours, plane tours, and everything in between, there is no better way to get to know the place you’re visiting than by taking advantage of the knowledge of the people who live here. We’ve compiled this list of Cape Cod tours to help you figure out where to get started, but we didn’t do the research just for you; in the end, we discovered a new appreciation for this paradise we call home and are excited to show you all the adventures you can have while you’re here!

Bay Spirit Tours, 180 Ocean Street Hyannis

Cape cod tourism at its finest. Offering charters, sunset cruises, and our personal favorite, a lighthouse harbor tour, this reasonably prized company employs only the most knowledgeable of guides. Massachusetts is known for its lighthouses, and the ones on Cape Cod are some of the most photographed in the world, so you may want to use your good camera on this tour and stick to only selfies on your cell phone!

Cape Cod Insider Tours

From the basic Tour A: Cape Cod 101, to the chilling Tour B: Legends, Lore, Ghosts & More, to the sweet (and probably our favorite of the bunch) Tour C: Sundae Drive, Cape Cod So Sweet, you’ll come away from any of these land tours feeling smarter, fascinated, and full.

Cape Cod Duckmobiles, 437 Main Street Hyannis, a Cape Cod Sightseeing Tours Classic

We’ve talked about water tours, we’ve discussed land tours, so now it’s time to learn about a unique tour that takes you straight from the water to the land: Cape Cod Duckmobiles use authentic military amphibious vehicles, Duckmobiles, that float on the water and drive on land. Learn the history of the area as you take in some of the more famous sights of Hyannis on this fascinating Cape Cod tour!

Stick’n Rudder Aero Tours, CQX – Chatham Airport, 240 George Ryder Road Chatham

We’ll take to the sky in this next adventurous Cape Cod tours by airplane. Offering three different tours varying in length and price range, you’ll see a new side of Cape Cod during your Massachusetts adventure! Fly out over Chatham and experience a birds-eye view of Cape Cod’s famous landmarks!

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