One of the nice things about living on an island is being surrounded by water and being able to spend a lazy afternoon playing hooky from work and heading down to our favorite fishing hole, especially in the summer. We grab our gear and find a nice spot on one of the sandy shores and enjoy a respite from the cares of the world by fishing Cape Cod.

Cape Cod is one of the best salt water fishing spots around, especially deep sea fishing Cape Cod, and we take advantage of that every chance we can, but it’s also a great fresh water fishing area too! We’ve compiled a list of the best spots to while away your day drowning worms below, and since you’re a visitor to the island, we have started with a few of the best places to rent or buy supplies as well!

Need Supplies?

In addition to providing fishing gear, a bait and tackle shop often knows where the best local fishing spots are; all you have to do is ask! Here’s a list of a few shops in the area that are both reasonably priced and hot beds of information!

  • Canal Bait & Tackle – Stop on your way over the bridge. This bait shop offers  everything from Al Gags lures to Yo-Zuri lures, they also have info on some really great striped bass Cape Cod fishing charters in the area and an eBay store for stocking up before you go. Located at 101 Cranberry Highway in Sagamore.
  • Riverview Bait & Tackle – If you need it, they will have it. Riverview Bait & Tackle prides themselves on being the most knowledgeable store in the area! Their fishing reports will be invaluable, and if they don’t have what you are looking for, well, you probably don’t need it! Located at 1273 Rt. 28 in South Yarmouth, they are open every day of the week.
  • Goose Hummock Shop – Featuring the best traditional fishing gear and the latest in what’s new, Goose Hummock can rent you a canoe, sell you a license, and provide you with pretty much everything you need for a Cape Cod fishing vacation! Located at 15 Route 6A in Orleans, we’re betting they can lead you to the hottest fishing spots as well on Cape Cod fishing charters!

Where to Go

  • Scargo Lake (Pond) in Dennis – A great fresh water fly fishing pond, trout are the primary fish here. This 60-acre pond is approximately 25 feet at its shallowest and averages up to 48 feet at its deepest. Easily reached off 6A, you can find more info at
  • Long Pond (Lake) in Harwich/Brewster – The largest freshwater lake on Cape Cod certainly won’t disappoint! With multiple access points and boat launches throughout Harwich and Brewster, we’re excited to see what you’ll catch!
  • Mystic Lake, Barnstable – Although this lake is slightly more difficult to get to, it’s a great place for bass fishing, with a limit on boat motors; 10 horsepower is the maximum allowed. A shallow channel connects this lake with Middle Pond, offering a total of 257 acres of kettlehole ponds to fish in.
  • Buzzard’s Bay – This is one of those “secret spots” where you can find the best striped bass fishing. In the summer, night fishing gives you the greatest opportunity to find “stripers” in the shallow waters, as trout prefer cooler water. Buzzard’s Bay has quite a few areas that are private property, so do your research first! Located in Barnstable County, it’s connected to Cape Cod by the Cape Cod Canal.
  • Fishing Charters – Found in various areas along the Cape, these Charters will take you deep seafaring for everything from Tuna to Bass. Try leaving from the Chatham Fish Pier or Rock Harbor in Orleans to get a real taste of the sea.

New England Vacation Rentals Knows the Secrets

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