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A visit to Cape Cod in the winter is an experience everyone should try at least once in their lives, and if that experience happens to take place over Valentine’s Day, it’s all the better! Romantic and fun, offering unique moments of joy, we’ve compiled this list of activities that will re-ignite sparks and give you a new appreciation for the love of your life. This holiday is an intimate one, so we’re sharing the secrets to the perfect romantic trip. Here are our favorite ways to add romance to Valentines Day on Cape Cod in 2020:

Tour of Lighthouses

The beauty of Cape Cod is reflected in the charm of the lighthouses found along many of our beaches. From the Chatham Lighthouse in Chatham to the Nauset Lighthouse in Eastham and then back to Chatham for a peek at the Monomoy Lighthouse, these heroes of the sea offer a stoic and rugged beauty that makes the perfect backdrop to your romance. Set the timer on your camera and wrap your arms around each other as the winter winds toss your hair and redden your cheeks; these moments will be remembered forever, especially with photographic evidence!

Tour of Museums

Getting a peek into the past can be as romantic as it is educational and touring the various museums that dot the landscape of Cape Cod is one of our favorite adventures with our significant others. Take some time to explore the Cobb House Museum or the Crosby Mansion in Brewster and gain a new appreciation for the modern amenities of today. Fireplaces are so much more romantic when they aren’t your only source of heat!

Tour of Restaurants

And of course, the most romantic activity of all is sharing a delicious meal together. Prepared by others, served to you by candlelight (in many instances) and cleared away again by someone other than you, your Valentine’s Day with your favorite Valentine can only get better with each bite! Enjoy an Italian seafood dinner at the Beacon Room in Orleans, a fresh seafood meal served with a refreshing chardonnay in a charming cottage in Brewster with a visit to the Brewster Fish House, or a hearty and delicious American meal from Encore Bistro and Bar in Dennis. You already have the perfect companion; why not enjoy the perfect meal to end your day of romance and love?

New England Vacation Rentals Has All the Best Ideas

We love to spoil our guests, and these lists show just how much! A trip to Cape Cod at any time of year is a great way to show your special someone just how much you love them; contact New England Vacation Rentals to see how you can plan your perfect romantic getaway and create new memories in our waterview rentals!