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At the Heritage Museums & Gardens, this summer is one dedicated to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The school provides one hundred acres of fertile grounds for learning, adventuring, and having fun. The school has begun enrollment for these amazing summer vacation programs and you are sure to find the perfect fit for your child.

From now until August 25th, this amazing campus will available to kids 4 to 8 who are enrolled in one of these programs. The school’s one hundred acres speckled with woodlands and hiking trails, art exhibits, history exhibits, car exhibits, a classic carousel, live entertainment, and so much more all contribute to engaging these children in adventure and exploration.

Hands-on adventures and explorations are so diverse that there is something for every child and every set of interests. The goal of these diverse programs is to spark some spirit of adventure and curiosity in every child. This type of engagement is invaluable to every child’s development, especially those from the ages of 4 to 8. Hopefully, these programs will work towards igniting some kind of passion in the child, but regardless, these programs will go a long way in preparing each child for their return to school in the fall.

You can find a summer program for pretty much any schedule. The staff at the Heritage Museums & Gardens have worked tirelessly to create a summer program schedule that can accommodate everything from work and sports to vacation and travel. Throughout the wide variety of program options available, you will find full-day options, half-day options, morning, afternoon, and even multiple-day programs.

It is vitally important to the school to provide a wide variety of experiences all in one program. It has proven to be more beneficial to present critical thinking and explorative activities intermittently with activities that are simply fun and exciting. As such, this is one of the only places where a child can be embroiled in a scientific exploration one moment, and then enjoy the ride as they fly through the trees on a zipline. Between those activities, children can learn about amazing art exhibits and those featuring beautiful automobiles. Your child is sure to have never had an experience quite like the one offered by the summer vacation programs at the Heritage Museums & Gardens.

Enrollment Information

In order to enroll your child in this year’s summer of excitement, visit 100acreschool.org. For further information, go to heritagemuseumandgardens.org.