Cape Cod has long been a hot spot for travelers from across the map. Between the beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery, and rich history, it’s easy to see why first-time travelers are drawn back time and again. For all that travelers love about Cape Cod, there’s still a lot that people might find surprising when they dig in a bit deeper! The following are just a few of the top things you might not know about Cape Cod that could come in useful down the road.

Fun Facts About Cape Cod: The Infamous Cod Fish Have Disappeared

If you take a moment to look back in history, you’ll find that Cape Cod was originally named by English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold in 1602. It’s said the name was derived from his experience catching an abundance of codfish off the coast. Unfortunately, overfishing and significant environmental changes in the area today mean that visitors no longer have the ability to encounter this particular namesake species. While efforts are underway to restore their numbers, for now, it’s all a part of a history long-gone.

There Are Many Historical Lighthouses You Can Explore

More than 14 in fact! If you’re the type of traveler that loves to get up close with incredible nautical architecture, Cape Cod promises to be the place for you. While you’re here, you can find historical lighthouses on nearly every part of the island—each hosting its own unique history and story to tell. These are some of the most interesting facts about Cape Cod!

You’ll Find a Plethora of Sand Dunes

While the restaurants and festivals are sure to delight, Cape Cod is also a paradise for those who love to immerse themselves in natural beauty. The Cape hosts coastal dunes that cover nearly a third of its land! The National Park Service estimates that these dunes cover approximately 8,500 acres stretching from Provincetown to Chatham.

The Pilgrims Landed in Cape Cod Before Plymouth

While history books don’t often highlight the facts about Cape Cod, it’s true that in 1620, the pilgrims made landfall in Provincetown Harbor before continuing onto iconic Plymouth. Who knows how things could have changed had they stayed?

It’s an Amazing Place for Whale Watching

Many people know Cape Cod for its amazing beaches. Fewer may realize that it’s a haven for whale watching excursions. The season starts mid-April and lasts through October. No matter when you book a whale watching tour, you’re in for a breathtaking sight as these amazing marine creatures make their way along migratory paths.

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