Picking the very best time to visit Cape Cod is a tall order since this destination is loved by travelers year-round! That said, there are some criteria that can help you narrow down your travel plans to a certain timeframe when you’re looking to get more specific with your booking. When you’re looking to make the most of mild weather and fewer crowds, May, June, September, and October all make the best time to visit Cape Cod. During these months, it’s still possible to get out and explore in comfortable temperatures but you won’t have the high travel season crowds to contend with.

Of course, if you can’t wait to be a part of those above-mentioned crowds and you’re craving warm weather from start to finish, planning a trip anytime in July and August is a must. You’ll want to be prepared for many others to be doing the same thing as you this time of year, but you’ll find the if you’re a beachgoer, there’s no better place to be here and no better time to plan a trip. Let’s break it all down a bit further.

July and August Cape Cod Adventures

When temperatures are on the rise, so is the fun and the number of travelers to Cape Cod. The warm waters and endless sunshine make for spectacular weather conditions to enjoy but do be prepared for higher prices with the influx of travelers. Getting out on the water is a fan-favorite activity this time of year and there’s no shortage of summer festivals to take part in as well!

September and October Travels

Those who choose to enjoy Cape Cod during September and October will find things are a bit calmer as the weather cools off. While you may want to pack layers, you’ll still be able to stroll the shorelines this time of year, make the most of chartered excursions and even enjoy outdoor dining options.

April Excursions

If you’re the type of traveler to Cape Cod with a passion for wildlife, then you’ll want to consider planning your trip for mid-April. This is the month when the area’s whale watching season kicks off and it’s one that’s bound to inspire! Between April and October, whale migrations are in full swing and promise to be breathtaking.

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