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Cape Cod – a popular destination for romantic getaways, family reunions, corporate events, or solo travel. Whether you’re spending several weeks here or just a few days, the town of Sandwich welcomes you with open arms. We at New England Vacation Rentals have beautiful Sandwich villas that provide you the respite you’re looking for without being too far away from it all.

Ocean View
Private Beach Access
Walk to beach (.5 or less)
Waterfront (Lake/Pond/River)
Walk to town (.5 or less)
Bike Trail (.5 or less)

Central Air Conditioning
Slimline A/C - ductless
A/C Units
Heat (for off season)
Linens Included
Fully Fenced Yard

Private Pool
Community Pool
Private Hot Tub

Dog Friendly

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Central AC

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The Definition of Charm in Our Sandwich Villas

The dictionary defines charm as, “the power or quality of giving delight,” and not to brag, but we at New England Vacation Rentals believe that our Sandwich villas should be the picture attached to the definition! Offering the classic New England exteriors of clapboard siding that weathers beautifully in the Cape Cod ocean breezes, every inch of every space will bring about sighs and gasps of sheer delight. These spaces, often smaller than the full sized homes and cottages that decorate the streets of Sandwich, are designed with you in mind. Featuring large living rooms that allow you to live the lazy life as you nap, watch television, or lose yourself in the words in books written by your favorite authors. Cooler evenings can be made warmer with a roaring fire, and many of our villas offer fireplaces in the living rooms, offering the perfect spot to relax with the ones you love, perhaps staring out at the rain falling onto the Cape Cod landscape as you sip a hot cup of cocoa.

Kitchens with large windows over the sink allow you to daydream about past or current adventures as you wash the same cup over and over, in spite of the fact that most villas will offer dishwashers so that you don’t have to wash everything by hand. Watching your kids devouring a bowl of cereal at the breakfast bar or gathering around large and sturdy tables for a rousing game of Monopoly is a joy we should all experience on a regular basis, but only on vacation will you have the time to truly give it the merit it deserves! Choose a villa on the beach and discover how easy it is to drop the stresses and tensions that generally accompany you wherever you go. Open the windows on a breezy and sunny day and let in the scents and sounds of the ocean or simply sit out on patios where the view is best and let the serenity of the sea seep into your soul. Sunrise and sunset walks on sandy shores will give you an even greater appreciation for Mother Nature; the quiet of these moments will calm your nerves and gentle your mind. And for once, perhaps the only time, televisions may remain in the off position as you spend most of your at home hours enjoying the beaches! (Rainy nights may entice you to watch for a while, but mostly your stay will be one that is unplugged from television or video games!) Barbecue grills offer the perfect summer dining experience, especially when you top the racks with fresh caught fish that you caught yourself.

At night, when the sun has sunk below the horizon and the moon is bathing the sky with an ethereal glow, you and your favorite traveling companions will sleep deeply and dreamlessly in bedrooms designed to bring peace and joy! Some villas will offer quiet rooms set aside for offices, allowing hard-working travelers to attend virtual hearings, most villas will provide laundry rooms or laundry closets, and all villas will offer that sense of homecoming and welcoming, inviting guests to relax, recharge, and make the most of their dream vacation on Cape Cod!

Frolicking in Sandwich

The sea is a huge presence in the lives of people who live on Cape Cod, and for those who visit as well. We play on the sandy beaches, we let the peace of sunsets over the waters invade our souls, and for many of us who live on the Cape, it is how we make our living, which leads to more ways you can play. ECOtourz, a kayak tour company based out of Sandwich, leads guests on guided tours through the estuaries of Sandwich, exploring the marshy waters as you peacefully glide atop them. Also offering kayaks for rent, intrepid explorers don’t need to be tied to a guide and can gleefully go wherever their heart guides them. For all your kayak needs, (and biking, as well!) you can contact ECOtourz directly at 508-888-1627. We mentioned barbecuing your own fresh caught fish a little bit further up the page, and although there are many fishing spots that can be reached by land, for the big game, you may want to charter an expedition out into deep waters. Companies like Laura Jay Charters and Captain Joe P Charters offer the deep sea fishing experience that you have always dreamed about, and when the boat chugs back into the harbor with its catch filled with trophy size tuna, your Cape Cod vacation will have reached epic proportions!

Welcome Home to New England Vacation Rentals in Sandwich

Our villas provide the softest place to land after long days filled with Cape Cod adventures! Reserve your favorite Sandwich villa today!