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The first thing you think of when you hear Cape Cod might not be Sandwich – but it should be! As Cape Cod’s oldest town, you’ll be greeted with the charm and simplicity of yesteryear. When you stay at one of our Cape Cod short term rentals, you have the luxury of slipping away to a quiet respite while still being close to all the action.

Ocean View
Private Beach Access
Walk to beach (.5 or less)
Waterfront (Lake/Pond/River)
Walk to town (.5 or less)
Bike Trail (.5 or less)

Central Air Conditioning
Slimline A/C - ductless
A/C Units
Heat (for off season)
Linens Included
Fully Fenced Yard

Private Pool
Community Pool
Private Hot Tub

Dog Friendly

On Special

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Central AC

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What’s in Your Vacation Dreams?

Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes the perfect vacation, and although many of the smaller details may differ, we can pretty much guaranteed that a beachy escape to Cape Cod may have made the number one spot on your list of vacation destinations! What you may not have known is how the town of Sandwich can also make your vacation dreams come true and when you choose one of our New England Vacation Rentals Sandwich short-term rentals for your home sweet vacation home, well, Cape Cod doesn’t just become the top spot, it becomes the ONLY spot!

Picture This

You pull up out front of the Sandwich short-term rental of your choice, perhaps just as the sun is setting. You can’t wait to see the inside, but the sun beginning its descent over the sea is beckoning to you, encouraging you to drop your bags where you stand and make your way around the clapboard sided escape to a large deck conveniently located where the sunset views shine brightest. Stepping onto the wood deck and dropping into colorfully painted Adirondack chairs, you sit in awe, watching one of Mother Nature’s greatest shows. For a few minutes you sit, lost in the view, until the sun finally disappears, leaving a sky that is velvety black and dotted with the lights of a billion stars. And for the first time since you stepped on the plane, thousands of miles away in your home town, you can feel something you haven’t felt in you don’t know how long, a sensation of well being and peace. The best part is knowing this is just the beginning.

More to Enjoy in Our Cape Cod Short Term Rentals

Feeling welcomed and at peace, you step inside the sanctuary you will call your own and discover this vacation keeps getting better. Each home is different, but the warmth and comfort found in every space is shared by all! Living rooms combine cozy, comfort, and convenience; plush sofas, state-of-the-art televisions, and fireplaces that add warmth and romance are just a few examples. Fully equipped kitchens give guests the option to stay in and enjoy home cooked meals and dining rooms anchored by large tables provide the perfect place to eat, play, and relax. If you think the sunset was amazing, early risers may be able to sit at the table, sipping a cup of coffee, and watching the sun rise into the heavens. At night, our bedrooms are havens of tranquility, giving guests the gift of easy sleep. Read a few chapters of the book you brought with you, (or plucked from the shelves of the cottage) watch a little television, and when your eyelids can’t stay open another minute, the peace that has accompanied you through every daytime adventure will stick with you through your dreams. Spacious bathrooms, fully equipped laundry rooms, and beachfront locations are more wonders to explore during your escape to the Cape!

Sandwich Adventures

There are 10,080 minutes in every week, and while you may at first think you will never be able to fill all those minutes, we can assure you that is not the case. Spoil yourselves at day spas, (Beach Plum Spa is one of our local favorites) gorge yourselves on delicious seafood, (you have to try the lobster rolls at Captain Scott’s Seafood Restaurant) and spend long glorious days at the beach living the carefree life of your vacation dreams. Explore the history of Sandwich, the oldest town on Cape Cod, with visits to the Hoxie House, one of the oldest surviving homes in town. Built in the mid-16th century, the home belonged to a reverend with 13 children and was restored in the 1950s and may surprise you for all it doesn’t have—electricity, running water, or heating other than the fireplace. Another old home, one that was owned and occupied by the same family for over 300 years, is the Wing Fort House Museum built in 1641. Called the Fort House because we believe it was used to provide a safe place to hide from the attack in the wild and primal early days of our country.

You Deserve This

Real life can be chaotic and stressful, but the time you spend on Cape Cod in one of our Sandwich short-term rentals can give you the fortitude and strength you need to face real life with a smile on your face! Reserve any of our Sandwich sanctuaries and enjoy the vacation you have always dreamed about, the vacation you so richly deserve!