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Land Ho! Harwich Port

As you may have guessed already, seafood is a big business on Cape Cod. As we are surrounded by water, the treats we harvest from the sea are always fresh, sweet, and wonderfully addictive! And while in other parts of the country a fine seafood restaurant can be overly pretentious and frighteningly expensive, Cape Cod offers many New England seafood restaurants that believe that the comfort of their guests and the quality of the food is of most importance. Who needs white tablecloths when you have giant lobsters and juicy steaks? This is exactly what you will find when you visit Land Ho Restaurant in Harwich Port! There’s nothing fancy about their décor, but the food that they serve outshines that of the fanciest restaurants inland!

Located at 429 Route 28, Harwich Port

When you visit Cape Cod, you may notice that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the restaurants from the homes. Most are covered in clapboard shingles either left to weather naturally or painted a crisp white in typical New England style, so when you find yourself getting near Land Ho Restaurant in Harwich, close your eyes and breathe deep; when the smell of fresh cooked seafood hits your nostrils, you will know you have arrived!

Outside, a lattice clad patio offers a no-frills place to eat and enjoy the weather, while the interior is warm, welcoming, and features a casual décor. Old business signs dangle on chains below a painted shiplap ceiling, red and white tablecloths adorn simple wood tables surrounded by golden wood chairs, and a full bar made of polished oak and brass holds the attention of all by its prominent placement in the room. Simple, clean, charming, and filled with the aromas of many something wonderfuls, Land Ho Restaurant in Harwich Port! is about to become your new favorite place to eat!

And Then There’s the Food

Moderately priced with an extensive menu, we’ve yet to find something we don’t like when visiting Land Ho in Harwich Port! Featuring everything from inventive appetizers like Steak & Cheese Spring Rolls or the standard basket of deep fried onion rings, their lunch menu offers a large variety of choices. Burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, wraps, and tacos make an appearance, as does delicious seafood in the form of a raw oysters, seafood entrees, and clam chowder. The dinner menu adds dishes like Chicken Florentine and Land Ho’s 10-ounce Pub Sirloin into the mix, while the full bar allows you to order any mixed drink that you can imagine!

Your Vacation Adventures Continue

Nothing adds to a delicious meal better than a relaxing evening at home, and your NEVR Cape Cod vacation home is built for relaxation. Loosen your belt, slip off your shoes, and pour yourself a nightcap as you celebrate another wonderful meal with the one you love most. Reserve your NEVR escape today!