Cape Cod summer nights were made for carousel rides and games of skeeball and air hockey with family and friends. Wackenhammer’s Arcade STEAMuseum seeks to keep this tradition alive and share it with the next generation. This is not your typical museum, as it is dedicated to playing rather than just admiring. Here, one low admission price gets you access to all of the fun inside for the entire day!


Wackenhammer’s is full of antique and classic arcade games. Video games like Pac Man and Asteroids are side by side with Pinball, Skeeball, Basketball, and Air Hockey.  A host of antique and unusual games are also available for play (who remembers Sea Devil?). You will also find many games that challenge your mind with different types of puzzles, and some that challenge your fitness, such as the Yodeling Climbing Wall. You will also find many classic ticket games, stomping games, whacking games, and a wide variety of kiddie rides for our youngest guests. When you are done racking up a high score, you can finish with a ride on Wackenhammer’s antique carousel from 1956. There is so much here to play, solve, and ride.

A Mission of Fun Education

Play is at the center of everything the team at Wackenhammer’s does, but they also want to stimulate interest in STEAM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. The games and fun antiques are a unique way to teach visitors about science, technology, logic, game design, graphic design, and more. With each game, there is information on its history, the technology that makes it work, and the design of the game. Activities associated with each game show the ingenious design and engineering that goes into arcade games, and makes learning about science and technology fun.

Whether you come to perfect your Air Hockey game, ponder the mind-bending inner workings of a pinball machine, pick some prizes for the kids, or just watch the world go by on the carousel, a visit to Wackenhammer’s is one of the best and most unique activities on the Cape for the whole family, especially on a rainy day! On Saturday evenings you can also count on a variety of shows featuring musicians, mimes, puppeteers, inventors, or jugglers which are sure to leave you speechless.

Who says you cannot learn something on vacation? With a visit to Wackenhammer’s during your time on Cape Cod, you will find an experience that the entire family will enjoy and remember, and hey, you may learn a little something. Visit this one of a kind STEAMuseum in the town of Hyannis, email at, or call today at (774) 810-9061 to see how they introduce the Science of Play to your Cape Cod vacation!