You will not find a more thrilling experience during your Vermont getaway than by jumping out of plane thousands of feet in the air! Skydiving is a global phenomenon that lets you plummet out of a plane with a parachute and land safely back on the ground. Vermont has gorgeous scenery, and you can see it all from up high. Skydive New England has been operating in neighboring Maine for over 34 years and with continued customer satisfaction.

Safest Experience in the Sky

With Skydive New England you are choosing a nearby company who values safety above all else. State of the art training methods are paired with the latest skydiving equipment for a safe yet thrilling experience. Each skydive starts with a 30 minute “ground school” where all the basics are covered with you. This training will show you how to jump out of the plane, the best freefall positions, and how to position your body for landing. For those wishing to become a licensed skydiver, you can take the Accelerated Free Fall or AFF class that will help you reach the achievement of jumping solo on skydives.

Tandem Skydiving

All first-time skydivers can jump tandem with a professional instructor 14,000 feet high up in the air. This is a great way to get all the fun of skydiving in without having to go through a full day of training. Licensed skydivers can make the jump by themselves after completing the AFF program. Experienced jumpers who are licensed in other states can even stop by and see how they can complete their jumps solo. The beautiful New England wilderness and coastlines are a majestic view during your freefall!

Take Home Gifts

Showing off your skydiving experience is just as important as the jump itself. Show everyone back home your accomplishments with the video services provided by Skydive New England. Your jump and freefall will be documented from start to finish. Purchase your video following your skydive for a unique gift. Get started today by reserving your next skydiving experience with Skydive New England at 207-339-1520 or by visiting them online .

The Views in New England are Incredible

New England is the perfect vacation getaway destination any time of the year. Get started on your vacation by reserving one of our New England homes for your stay. Each rental offers all the necessities and luxury amenities to keep you comfortable. Come check out which rental will be the perfect host for your stay!

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