The latest rage to hit the waters is actually a centuries-old method of catching your enemies by surprise in war; stand-up paddleboarding is a perfect way to strengthen your core while discovering an inner peace you never existed. Originating in Africa in the 1600s, warriors used a version of today’s paddleboard to sneak up on their enemies, thereby winning the battle with the element of surprise. By the 1940s, surf instructors in Hawaii were introducing the sport to their students. Today, nearly every town and city in the US has their own SUP stores, and yoga studios even offer SUP yoga classes! Here’s some of our favorite SUP Cape Cod rental places and SUP beaches on the Cape; we’re betting at least one is close to your New England Vacation Rentals getaway!

Let’s Start with the Equipment

You’re not going to get far in your new SUP obsession if you don’t have the equipment to get started. The following places all rent equipment, and some even offer lessons beyond the standard initial tutorial to Paddle Boarding Cape Cod. Adventure Chatham, at 1150 Queen Anne Road in Harwich, offers equipment rentals for a flat $45 per day, along with group and private lessons starting at $50 per person for a group of 5 or more. Provincetown Aquasports, at 33R Commercial Street #1 in Provincetown, will deliver your paddleboards to you. Peace, Love, SUP in Mashpee offers guided tours, fitness sessions, and SUP yoga classes for those who want to step outside their comfort zone.

Where to Play Some Paddle Boarding, Cape Cod

Now that you’ve rented your equipment and taken your lessons, where can you go to play? Many SUP Cape Cod shops will have their own areas for classes and tours, but there are a few beaches in the area that are SUP friendly. Long Pond in Harwich/Brewster is well known for its calm waters and secluded areas that allow you to practice the sport without becoming embarrassed at your initial clumsiness. The key to your success with SUP involves calm waters, and Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown has some of the calmest salt water on the Cape; it also happens to be a great spot for whale watching!

All this Exercise is Making Us Tired

After the sun has set and your day’s adventures of Stand Up Paddle Boarding Cape Cod have concluded, it’s time to head back to the homestead—your New England Vacation Rentals cozy cottage. We have many different types of vacation rentals, including our short-term and Easter rentals. Reserve yours today and we can promise you will sleep deeply every night of your stay.

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