Many people have spent their entire lives hearing about how this celebrity or that superstar or another politician has spent their summers on Martha’s Vineyard, but relatively few have ever experienced a vacation there themselves. Building it up to mythical proportions, Martha’s Vineyard is considered to be too much for the average Joe and is likened to the Kennedy Compound or even Camp David, where the President’s play. In reality, it is just an island with stunning views, warm beaches, and a history of being a place where families love to play. Isn’t it time you stopped dreaming and started planning your visit to this historic spot? But what’s to see on Martha’s Vineyard? Here’s a list of  Martha’s Vineyard attractions that you won’t want to miss!

Flying Horses Carousel, Oak Bluffs

It may seem strange for us to be advocating a children’s ride as an attraction on this iconic island, but this is no ordinary carousel. Built in 1876 and preserved to the point where many of the original painted ponies still have their original horsehair manes and tails, the Flying Horses Carousel is the oldest continually running carousel in the US. Costing only $2.50 a ride, this is your chance to grab the brass ring—literally! Part of the fun of the ride is seeing how many brass rings you can grab as you gallop by!

Aquinnah Cliffs

One of the most amazing things to see on Martha’s Vineyard, this popular tourist spot is a romantic vista that was carved out of the land by glaciers that were formed millions of years ago. Costing nothing but offering everything, this slice of heaven on Martha’s Vineyard is one of the most photographed spots in all of Massachusetts!

Edgartown Lighthouse, 12 North Water Street Edgartown

Your family Christmas Card portrait will be the most talked about in town when you pose in front of this iconic lighthouse. Originally a two-story wood structure built in 1828, today’s iron version was built in 1939 that is now a popular tourist attraction.

Martha’s Vineyard Museum, 59 School Street Edgartown

Everything you ever wanted to learn, see, or hear about Martha’s Vineyard is held inside this charming clapboard building constructed in 1922. History surrounds you, and if you listen closely when visiting, you can hear the whispers of those who paved the way for our freedoms.

Martha’s Vineyard Attractions, Better Than You Dreamed

A day trip to Martha’s Vineyard isn’t going to be anything like you imagined; it’s going to better than you have ever dreamed! Reserve your New England Vacation Rentals vacation home today and start planning your trip to a piece of American history.

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