While some travelers head to Cape Cod in the name of fine seafood dining experiences, upscale shopping, or scenic walks along the beach, others come to witness the incredible marine life that call the area home. When it comes to whale watching, Cape Cod has long been viewed as one of the best destinations for encountering these massive and majestic creatures of the sea. When you’re looking to make the most of spotting these fantastic animals in the waters surrounding Cape Cod, you’ll want to be sure to book a trip with Hyannis Whale Watching Cruises.

A Spectacular Whale Watching Adventure

Hyannis Whale Watching Cruises operates out of Barnstable Harbor and began its operations in 1980. Since then, the company has grown in both vessel size and environmental approach to seeing whales thriving in their natural habitats. Because Hyannis Whale Watching Cruises is a locally owned and operated business, there is a strong connection to the land and sea, and every effort is made to ensure the safety of the whales and the opportunity for passengers to appreciate their immense beauty and contributions to nature.

Passengers who book a trip with Hyannis Whale Watching Cruises will enjoy traveling on a vessel that stretches 130-feet across the water. More importantly, the vessel is designed with five water jets and no external propellers, meaning the trip is smooth and efficient and safe for whales swimming below. The whale watching vessel comes complete with three viewing levels for a personalized experience for each passenger as well as benches and two sun decks. There is a full-service snack bar providing small, hot and cold items and beverages for guests to enjoy during their trip as well.

What You’ll Witness On the Hyannis Whale Watching Cruises

Hyannis Whale Watching Cruises enjoy a 99% sighting rate, meaning the odds are good that you’ll be seeing Humpback, Minke or Finback whales during your trip! Where whales are spotted, dolphins and seals tend to be close by, making this an experience with Cape Cod marine life quite unlike any other you’ve had before. These cruises center around the Stellwagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary where successful whale watching cruises have been held for over 30-years. Tickets for children ages 3 to 12 are $33.00 while adult tickets cost $53.00. Children under the age of three can come along for the Hyannis Whale watching ride for only $3.00.

Stay and Enjoy the Experience

A Hyannis Whale watching cruise is an unforgettable adventure on Cape Cod. When you’re here to enjoy and explore the land and sea, make sure you’re booked into a beautiful vacation rental with a view. The team at New England Vacation Rentals is happy to help you find a customized property that meets your every vacation need. Contact us today to begin planning your next trip!

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